Post Mortem results and findings of the entire project Essay

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Post Mortem results and findings of the entire project

This MEMO will cover the benefits and drawbacks of a Post Mortem review. It will notify all who are going to be required to partake in the final review meeting. It will also go over what we hope to discover after the termination of the project.

Post Mortem Review Pros and Cons
Gives an unbiased review of the project’s life.

Enables project manager to analyze the findings of the review and improve on certain aspects in the next project that need attention. Gives a good perspective of everything that was accomplished. This enables the team and manager to feel a sense of pride and satisfaction from job well done. Once the review has been analyzed, it enables the project to officially come to a close.


Hard to ensure all key players, stakeholders, and managers attend the meeting during such an early time of the newly integrated system’s life. Personnel Required to Attend:

Certain people within the company are expected to attend the post mortem review meeting either in person, or by telephone conference. These people include: all of the managers who attended the training and were involved throughout this project. Stakeholders, owners, top officers, the project team, and the developers of the new system need to be in attendance.


The project team and manager hope to discover the following:
The overall success of the project.
Any downfalls or shortcomings that came up.
The owners’ opinions of the end result.
The managers’ opinions.
The developers’ notes on how well the managers’ were trained.
The thoughts of the project team and how they feel improvement could be made.

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