Possible Essay Topics

Regarding possible influences on thought

There is an undeniable connection between thought and language. And as thought is so crucial to our knowledge, a study of our language itself is necessary. This essay examines how our language might affect our thought. In doing so, I shall examine the question, ‘what is language?’. So, what is language? Etymologists, those who study language… View Article

Possible Statehood for Puerto Rico

Many colonial areas have had to either involuntarily accept becoming a State within the United States of America or vote within the region about whether or not to become a State. Political parties and ideologies are always present in any kind of a social struggle to seek social justice and ethics, and the struggle in… View Article

The Possible and the Potential

A Paper on Problems that a Teacher May Encounter in the Classroom Before a teacher steps into a classroom and valiantly imparts to the students whatever it is he/she needs to impart, there would inevitably problems that would be encountered. In fact, before, during and even after a lesson has been conducted and the chalk… View Article

Shapes and object

The innovative practice that will be used for this paper is the implementation of a computer-based learning tool for 4th graders learning about geometry. This computer-based tool allows the visualization of various geometric concepts such as point, length, area, and volume. It is expected that with this innovation, students would be able to appreciate the… View Article