Positive psychology Essay

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Positive psychology

Positive psychology is literally all about the positive energy within a person. It is an organized attempt to make the most out of it. It is believed by the psychologists that it is preventative therapy instead of it being post illness therapy. Most of the psychologists that believe in this system believe in the glass being half full. It is optimism and happiness that can lead a person to live a better and a fuller life. I believe that action must be taken before it is too late.

The effort of professionals in trying to make the world a happy place and to attempt to make a go at it is commendable. It is a very effective method of trying to bring out the positive energy. In the fast changing world of today, materialism and consumerism rule the roost. It is that only that which is making a lot of people unhappy unnecessarily. It is the competition and the need to strive for more. Positive psychology teaches one to be satisfied with what one has. Once that person is happy, he will emit happiness.

Happiness, laughter and smiles are all contagious. One smile goes a long way. Many a times it takes just a smile to light up a person’s day. Small changes in ones lifestyles on a daily basis can go about a long way in maintaining a healthy outlook on life. It is important to appreciate the small things in life. One needs to take time out to stop and stare. To be able to smell the flower. To be able to see the ants in the garden. On a more personal level, being more organized can save a person from unnecessary frustration and anger while looking for something.

Knowing where to find what can add to the confidence and that’s a small step towards having a good day. In the long term, it is important to remind to oneself, the need for patience and tolerance. A cool mind can handle any problem more effectively and let it affect one much lesser. At the end of the day, positive psychology is all about the ripple effect one person can have on the community. It is the chain reaction caused by the positive energy radiating from one person to the other. It is all about happiness, and sharing. It is truly about being human.

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