Positive outcomes of conflict Essay

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Positive outcomes of conflict

War does not determine who is right — only who is left. ~Bertrand Russell. Without conflict we won’t truly know the capacity of someone’s inner strength and understanding. Conflict is a true test which raises issues that otherwise wouldn’t be raised, issues which need to be dealt with in order for us to grow as a person. Hardships test and shape us as we learn from our experiences of dealing with them in our everyday lives, increasing our inner strength and understanding. Struggles such as minor inner conflicts like what to wear or what to eat for breakfast, to extreme external conflicts such as war. Conflict can be exceptionally heart wrenching, by tearing people and families apart, but conflict is a part of life; it cannot be avoided or put on hold. Throughout history conflict has contributed to many actions, which have resulted in truly devastating and negative outcomes.

The result of many conflicts is hundreds and even thousands of deaths of our young soldiers as well as many civilians who get caught up in the midst of this conflict. Not only does conflict cost nations the lives of many people but they also put a strain on nations economies. Due to these horrific disasters, many flee their home countries, risking their lives in hope to reach a safer place to live. As a result of escaping their countries, many lose their lives. Despite conflict having some positive outcomes, the negative outcomes that come with many hardships outweigh those that are beneficial for a nation. Therefore, the negative outcomes of conflict are more important than the positive outcomes.

One of the many negative outcomes of conflict is the numerous deaths of our young and old. The Afghanistan war has been one of the longest wars Australia has been involved in, with 41 service men and women being killed while serving in Afghanistan and 262 wounded. The war in Afghanistan continues taking and destroying lives due to violence, war-induced breakdown of public health, security and infrastructure. At least 21,000 civilians have been killed due to crossfire, improvised explosive devices, assassination, and bombing and night raids. Unexploded weaponry from previous wars and from US cluster bombs continues to kill even in the absence of fighting.

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