Positive & Negative Effects of Internet Influence on Kids


The Internet has become the basic necessity of today’s modern world, which makes the life of this modern era easy. From elementary school to business, e-currency to user’s personal information, and many others available on the internet. Internet helps peoples to save their time and money in today’s world. For example – paying of bills online, booking of tickets, hotels, online shopping, cheap international calls and many more. There are around 4.39 billion users of the Internet globally in 2019 (refer picture1) and around 50% of children (5- 14 years) are using the internet for purposes like studying, social media and entertainment (Kemp, 2019).

The internet is accessed through various devices like smart mobile phones, laptops, personal computers (desktop) and tablets. Out of these, the use of the internet by mobile phones is the most popular way (Handley, 2019).

The Internet has become the basic tool of education in almost all institutions and schools across the world. Meanwhile, elementary students are utilizing the internet in their daily life for various purposes not only for study but for entertainment also by playing various online games and using social media to connect with others peoples across the globe.

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Moreover, the internet has given a lot Children usually spent around average 6 hours in a day on the screen (Children on screens six hours a day, 2015).

There are many benefits of using the internet in this technical world but there are also many drawbacks especially for children. So, the purpose of this essay is to explain the benefits and drawbacks of children’s use of the internet.

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There are many benefits of using internet by the children and the essay describes a few of them. The invention of the internet affects our society in various ways, and includes the education sector also. Today’s students not only have computers and internet to help them with their schoolwork, they also have easy access to research tools while teachers use internet and technology to enhance the impact of their lessons (McCoy, 2019). Now, the library is available at just one click, which help children to acquire the knowledge at broad level whatever taught in the class. There are various channels on YouTube which help children to learn particular topics through visual support. Plus, there are many software available which helps to improve writing skills. Millions of e-books are available on internet to study on the internet either free or at cheap price. It also reduces the burden of carrying more books to class. So it helps a lot in study of children to read different articles and information related to various streams of study and also improve their reading and writing skills. There are various different quizzes and games are also available at internet which helps students to sharpen their minds and various skills.

Not only in study but nowadays it also helps in security purpose of all human being through mobile and internet. Children also can take help of their family, friends and police in crisis or when they are needy. There are various ways to take help for example making calls, video calls sending location, dial an emergency number with one click. Now children can send their exact location through various apps for example WhatsApp messenger, and various other social messenger and the receiver can easily and exactly reach the children (sender). Today almost all the messengers are available with the option of location sending.

Negative Impact

Although internet is very helpful in student’s lives as helping them as library at one click, it has negative impacts as well. There are many negative impacts of use of internet on children life and a few of them are explained in essay. Social media and online gaming are too dangerous as it become addictive easily among children. Playing games and use of social media are waste time and health and sometimes death as well. The internet is doing physical damage to our children who are addicted to gaming and social media (Begent, 2018 ). The access of use of internet for social media and playing games responsible for obesity, mental disturbance and many other diseases because children spend most of time of their daily life while sitting after computers and mobile phones and stop playing the physical or outdoor games which are responsible for poor physical health and somehow to depression among children as well. The world health organization added gaming disorder within their 11th version of mental diseases and disorder (Wikipedia Contributors, 2019). There are number of deaths cause by gaming addiction every year across the world and most of them are young children. For example Rustam a teen from southern Russia dies because playing online game named ”Defence of the Ancients” continuously for 3 weeks. Doctor told that Rustam had fractured leg so he spent his time on playing game on laptop and he did not eat and sleep for 22 days except some naps and snacks which cause his death (McCrum, 2015).

The other problem caused by the excessive use of internet by the student or children is wrong information available on internet. As internet is a public source so any one of us can upload anything regarding any subject so kids have some issues to study through internet as they are not enough mature that what is the correct knowledge available at internet regarding the topic they look for.


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Positive & Negative Effects of Internet Influence on Kids

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