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Positive Discipline: Behavioral Management Skills for Parents

Parents need to develop management skills so that they can meet the responsibilities and the expectations of multiple roles such as work, study, sport, and family. They would be required to use their personal management skills to effectively manage the needs of both themselves and their child. It is necessary that they develop balance and plan how much time they will dedicate to each commitment they have made.

A strategy to assist Jane and Harold to manage their multiple commitments is employment.

When altering with the economic climate, numerous families require both parents to be employed to meet their financial needs, wants, and well-being for depending on becoming parents which is effective to Jane and Harold as they work as a CEO of a design company and Harold as a History teacher. The financial gain that is earned through the parents as an income must be used to pay for the child’s school fees, uniforms/clothing, and groceries to meet financials, needs, and wants.

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Another point that can be implemented for Jane and Harold is to minimize working hours as they endure, this strategy must be applied as it will benefit the Myer’s. Jane works 50 hours per week and Harold works 42 hours per week, these hours would be problematic towards the child as not spending quality family time with parents to get a strong family bond. Minimizing working hours would be significantly undertaken as it would be effective that allows the Myer’s to spend more time with their child and attend events such as school functions and sports games, which will satisfy the child’s emotional wellbeing.

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To add, parents may enroll their child in additional activities or decide to go with paid carers or family to supervise their child while they work. The greater option is to make childcare arrangements, whether it’s formal such as childcare centers or informal, such as with grandparents or friends. This strategy specifies children to develop socialization opportunities as in child care there are many other dependents to play and communicate with, which can improve their social wellbeing.

Sporting is another essential commitment to Jane and Harold as they need physical activity to maintain their health in order to take care of the child to satisfy both of their needs and wellbeing. Physical activities are a requirement to parents as its confirmed that it reduces stress level which many parents experience with various commitments to meet. An example to achieve and maintain a healthy and physical lifestyle is that one parent can look after the child, while the other can go exercise. For Harold, he can attend his normal soccer schedule or golf. Whereas Jane, has no organized physical activity, for this jane needs to improve her health and obtain a diet and attend gym while at the same time their child is looked after Harold. This should be a change that the Myers should manage with as Jane has limited physical activity and is overweight which will be harder to take care of the child if she does not take on this strategy. Also, as decreasing smoking habits for Jane as it affects, the child, as well as both parents need to be responsible and cut off binge drinking completely. The Myers must have a diary and a scheduling book to juggle tasks and activities to make an improvement in their life. This increases both Jane’s and Harold’s physical well-being also as enhancing the parent’s emotional wellbeing as the other parent spends valuable time with the child. Another strategy for sporting as a whole family is to get involved with bike riding, with a toddler seat attached to parents’ bike, this can cause growth within the whole family’s social wellbeing as they spend quality time together physically.

Family Commitment involves both parents to cook, cleaning, help children with homework, quality time for the family. Strategies for Jane and Harold can include getting both sides of the family together such as Jane’s father, sister with her children, and Harold’s mother and father along with their son which is effective to show the child love and affection from families. This is suggested where This will enhance Harold and Janes’s child to get quality family time and see her family more often, this will reduce a child’s mental wellbeing and have playful and fun memories. Furthermore, it would be effective if Jane and Harold have a schedule of who cleans and cook while the other parent looks after the child or another strategy that Jane and Harold can undertake is calling for family assistance in caring for their child as its information and isn’t expensive as for formal services such as child care. This will also allow the child to have more time and have grown with grandparents.

Lastly, Parents may decide to upgrade their knowledge and education level to study further. To take care of their child there is a suggestion for Jane and Harold to undertake to study online. This strategy of online study gives the benefit of being a more flexible parent and balance their commitments as they don’t have to physically have to go to a University/TAFE as it’s more time-efficient. As for the child, it is suggested for Jane and Harold to educate the child frequently and early in age. Jane and Harold should demonstrate a positive attitude toward education and read books as it would be beneficial for the child to learn as makes it easier later in the future for the child and helps build knowledge.

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