Positive and Negative of Transformational Leadership Essay

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Positive and Negative of Transformational Leadership

As portrayed in the previous examples, leaders are essential to the progression and development of successful organizations. Much contribution could be given to those who follow transformational leadership qualities and principles. Transformational leads inspire and result in positive progressive change within and throughout the company. Of course, there are positive and negative aspects that follow. Recent researchers have spent efforts to understand the relationship of leader and follower.

However, even when weighing-the- cost companies can not complain that their overall competitive and relational advantages prospered as result of tranformational overheads. When leaders successfully identify everyone personally and socailly, companies experience retention and growth which can sometimes be seen as priceless. There are negative concepts to consider, like a leader must be able to adequately protray a sense of charisma, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and indidulatized conseidetaionl; while leading a team that produces numbers. That could be a lot of pressure, which in turn could lead to a destroyed department or company. Overall, transnational leadership-performance relationship has deemed a positive technique when integrated in most systems.

This week, we continued our research and discussion on leaders and their roles within the organization. It is impartive that we understand and respect the differences between leaders and managers. I mentioned last week, that until this class I used those terms interchangably. However, the fact is that there are many differences and qualities that distinish the two. For instance, even when you look at the literal meaning of the terms. Manage – a person can maintain something or someone without playing a virtial role in specifically directing. On the same hand, Leader – someone can give perfect instruction and direct for a group or thing without being able to properly maintain or manage it the way needed. I can admit, before now I did not take the time to understand the important differences.

Qualities also vary from leader to manager as well. It is typical for most leaders to value and focus on monetary and economical status and have a plan of long term goals and effects. Most managers are stuck on the short term goals, while not considering the effects the company will experience. As I look more into these managerial roles and qualities it becomes easier to notice and identify.

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