Positive and negative Essay

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Positive and negative

The book merits appreciation just for the variety of subjects it has dealt with. Approach to writing is well-studied and researched. Articles like Nine Decades, Nine Women, Ten Nobel Prizes, Gender Politics at the Apex of Science, set the reader thinking about the discrimination against women at the highest level. How systematic trampling on the women was practiced by the society, to deprive them of the legitimate birth-rights to education, freedom and property.

Every social custom, old or new, has to be judged strictly on merit and merit alone. Women must get education, and no impediments should be created in this area. Educated women will then solve their own problems in their own ways. No one can or ought to do this for them. We get this message very clearly in most of the articles in the book. According to Wyer and the mentioned authors in the book, women are not weak, not ignorant, and not immoral. But they lack opportunities, and training.

Unfortunately they have all the time been trained to be helpless, servile dependence on others, and so they are good only to weep at the slightest approach of a mishap or danger. In the present times, it has also become necessary for them to learn self-defense. Majority of the articles highlight and encourage women to take more and more science-oriented courses, and shape as equal partners in building the society in every segment. Viewed from any angle, there is no possibility of recording negative points for the book.

The book is entirely appealing and reference material of all the twenty seven articles in the book is for the cause of women. Reading this book- what whetted the appetite: The book is amazing for the variety of topics that it covers. Women have their problems- they are special. The problems are caused by men and the prevailing social customs. After you go through the contents of this book, you realize how tough has been their struggle to get what actually they deserve. By conceding the rights due them, men are not obliging them.

It is the birthright of women. For equitable growth of the society, for the genuine harmony, the scale of justice must balance right-both arms of the scale are equally important-men and women! The contents of the book, the quality of the literature provided, make it a highly readable book—just ‘unputdownable! ’

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