Positioning Statement Essay

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Positioning Statement

“To busy, career oriented professionals who need convenient car services, Pate Car Service is a mobile car service company that specializes in servicing your vehicle at your place of employment or residence, giving you the ability to spend more time being productive at work or spending time with your family.”

My target segments would be men and woman who work a full time job because they are extremely busy and would not have enough time to get their car serviced. Another segment would be to high end neighborhoods, because most people who can afford nice homes work a lot of hours. Often times those whom reside in high scale neighborhoods have two working adults in the household. This would mean they do not have a lot of time on their hands and would want to maximize their down time with their families. I would also target people who were making high salaries. People making high salaries are great at time management and would realize it is not cost effective to take time off work to get their car serviced. If someone could come to their place of employment and service their vehicle, it would be more practical.

My value proposition would be more for more. I believe this would be good because of the target market. By targeting those individuals who have high salaries and work full time jobs, they would pay a little more money for the convenience. They would have the most need for a mobile car service company and could afford it.

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