Positioning Of Yamaha Essay

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Positioning Of Yamaha

Segmentation – In what way to divide up markets into meaningful customer groups. Which have the common interest? 1. Demographic segmentation: In this segmentation the clause which come under it are age, gender, income, occupation, generation. a) Age- Here age of the customers plays an important role for acquiring this type of bike. The company focuses mainly the customers for the bike having the age-group of 18 years to 30 years. b) Gender- This product (Fz-s) has main focus on males and also female can buy this type of bike also but it can be rare situation, because it is heavy bike too. So here also gender plays another significant role to obtain this product (bike). As in advertisement also it has been show that John Abraham rides the bike. c) Occupation- This bike is mostly purchases by the consumers whose job or the profession is high, it is so because of the price of the bike is marginally more. So if the consumer whose occupation is not stable will not choose this bike. d) Income- another factor which will affect the buying of this bike (Fz-S) is income of consumer.

It is the bike for middle class and upper middle class type of peoples. As the bike is slightly expensive, so the buyers salary or earning will plays vital role for buying. So consumers having average or higher income level will opt for this bike. e) Generation-. The demand f or this bike will be for mostly for students who are going to college and have completed 18 years of age. It is the latest trend of today’s generation because it is one of the on road and off road bike with stylish features and looks. It is the latest trend of today’s generation. It is on road and off road bike with stylish features and looks. The bike is designed to target the younger crowd and the youthful look of the bike is very much appealing. The Appearance of the bike is it is sporty Yamaha Fz-s is one of the most stylish and robust machine for the Indian roads. 2. Psychographic segmentation: In this segmentation the item which come under it are lifestyles or personality characteristics and social class: a) Lifestyles or personality characteristics – It is the way of life or style of living that reflects the outlooks and values of a person while riding this Yamaha Fz-S bike.

In personal traits it shows that it fits with the personality of those who have macho look and are very fit. Consumers may exhibit various lifestyles, so the segmented market will be consumer who is leading sports oriented and hi-tech lifestyle because this bike is strong, stable and advanced in not just in racing looks but also has racing technology. b) Social class- The bike will give the rider of this bike the status of riding Fz-S Bike. Customers who like prestige and have same social, economic, or educational status and like keep their position high than others. 3. Behavioral segmentation: In this segmentation the groups are dividing on the basis of knowledge of, attitude toward, use of, or response to a product. So the items which are related are Benefits sought, User status, Usage rate, Loyalty Status: a) Benefit sought- the bike is having different features and specifications like The Yamaha FZ-s comes in three stunning shades like fiery orange, black cyber green, sunset red, competition white.

The body color is painted at front fender, fuel tank and compact air scoops. Apart from this, side panels and mid-ship muffler, disc brake is in silver color wrapping. Rest of the body is in black along with alloy wheels. The rear view mirrors are in black color and rear grab rail are in two-piece silver. The middle fairing looks like a robot parts. b) User status- : The customers can buy this bike if he is buying it for first time as it advanced technology to make the bike very comfortable bike to ride even if the rider is new and to offer an easier handling and control. However, foot-pegs, footrest and rear grab bars are there to make sure the pillion’s safety.

Due to big tyres, wheelbase and advanced engine technologies, the rider feels better control over the beast like bike and it adds to the safety concerns as well also the customer which wants to use the bike for regular purpose also can use it as it is very strong and stable bike. c) Usage rate: the Fz-s bike is having affordable price, as it is one of the highest selling bikes of India. d) Loyalty Status: The name of the brand is (YAMAHA) known in all the markets (areas) of India as a loyal brand and one can trust on their technology and type of quality of product their produce. Their tag line is “Lord Of The Streets” which means they rules the roads.

Targeting – The process of evaluating each market segment’s attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter. Select which customer groups (one or more) to serve. * The market segment used by the company for marketing of product is Differentiated marketing targets that are several market segments and designs which will separate the product. * Now it has new style sticking on the tank as well. The headlamp of the Yamaha FZS has greater looks. The head lamp has a new cap on it which makes it look much better. In addition to this, the bike claims the black treatment at most. * Riding on the grand success of its muscular and hottest-looking FZ-S bikes, India Yamaha has introduced new colors schemes and graphics to add more dynamism to their demand.

* The criteria for Targeting will be depending on the nine w’s. The answers to them will be the product (bike Fz-S) will be purchasing those customers whose age is ranging from 18 years to 30 years. Normally the students which are going to college (youngster) or a person who is newly join for the job will like to buy this bike to show the prestige. The bike design mostly for the males. In advertisement the personality showed is John Abraham which is a actor so the persons who likes him and admires him will buy the bike * FZ-s series bikes are designed and engineered with the potential for active and even aggressive enjoyment of around-town street-riding and styling that brings pride of ownership.

* Handling and Safety in Yamaha Fz-s uses advanced technology to make Yamaha FZ-s very comfortable bike to offer an easier handling and control. A new innovation of Yamaha is Delta box chassis which is developed in such a way to ensure the best rigidity. . The mileage of the Yamaha FZ-s is very striking when we compare it with its look like bikes. The powerful Yamaha FZ-s is a very trendy and great performing bike of its section. * Customers buying to satisfy the need for which product is targeted is the sporty looks, eye-catching and stunning graphics of bike, attractive colors, advance and innovation of new racing technology with new features in bike. * The price which is paid for the Yamaha Fz-S bike is 67,000/-(Ex-showroom price). Those persons having above average income and belongs to middle class family, who like to be stylish in different way than others and like to race at very high extent.

Positioning- Arranging for a product to occupy a clear, distinctive, and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target consumers. In other words creating the clear image in minds of selected groups of peoples. * Form- the shape and size of the bike is very strong and steady. It is a very long and heavy bike. * Features- Attribute positioning will be the major one in this the macho image of the product will be promoted. Its strong look will be positioned in the mind of the people in such a way that whenever name strong bike are taken into consideration Yamaha Fz-s should come in consumers mind. Benefit position will be done by showing the driving pleasure and racing looks. The placement of ‘midship muffler’ is toward the center of the machine to achieve good concentration of mass, exhaust efficiency and handling. .

It is on road and off road bike with stylish features and looks. The Appearance of the bike is it is sporty Yamaha FZ-s is one of the most stylish and robust machine for the Indian roads. The middle fairing looks like a robot parts. At the first look, pillion foot rest looks awkward. * Durability- It is the bike for long usage. The technology used in the bike will be ever up-to-date and fresh even after some years also. * Reliability- The Company which produces the bikes is Yamaha which is a known and has a status in the market. * Image differentiation- the company is Yamaha Fz-s and the tag line if “lord of the streets”. * Symbols-The symbol of this company is “Y”(Yes Yamaha) for Fz-S bike.

* Positioning for competitive Advantage:

The propositions upon which companies can position their products are “More for the same” means the Yamaha bike is providing this bike with many features and specification in same price as before. So it can be a plus point for the company with attractive new shades and colors.

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