Position Paper: Ensuring the Rights of Women in War Zones

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When faced with traumatizing experiences ranging from wars to the loss of a loved one, women in specific react differently depending on where they are, who they’re surrounded by, etc. Women in war zones, unfortunately, tend to be unheard and ignored. Each woman differs from the next. It’s a matter of vulnerability and circumstance.

Women in war zones tend to be declined from the opportunity or freedom of speech, education, and so much more. Instead, they are pressured and manipulated into poverty, lack of education, abuse in all its forms and the increased risks of being subjected to cases of exploitation, sexual harassment, prostitution, rape or even being dragged into the drug business leaving them with an addiction or legal charges and leaving them to face the cruel consequences.

Little to no efforts has been made in attempts to help and improve conditions concerning women and their rights. Countries must acknowledge that it is a responsibility that we must all take on.

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Women’s’ rights are no different than any other, if anything, it’s the same.

Processes of democratization, changes in institutional rules, and changes to the culture of politics and political parties that encourage inclusion and equality, are necessary for women’s effective political participation.

Safeguarding Women’s Access to Schooling

Concerning education and access of education for women, the 2000 Population and Housing Census in Ghana indicates that 54.3% of females aged 15 years and above have never been to school despite the hard efforts being made to increase girls’ education in the country.

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This itself proves the mentality of many, that women are not capable nor worth being taught and educated. All forms of education must be given to individuals of all genders, ages and levels despite their background, age, and gender.

Gender parity between girls and boys has almost been achieved at the preschool or early childhood education level. However, a gap begins to form from the basic or primary school level to junior high and high school levels. For example, at the junior secondary school or junior high school level, the percentage of girls and boys were 44.9% and 55.1%, respectively, in 1999 and 2000 school years. The gender gap still widens at both high school postsecondary levels, with female constituting only 33% at high schools and postsecondary institutions.

Despite the introduction of free compulsory and universal basic education policy (FCUBE) in 1994, the amount of girls’ enrolment in schools continues to be low in number, especially in the rural communities of the country. School taxes and indirect costs such as book user fees, school uniforms, and school supplies have made education costly, even though enrolment is free in the public schools.

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