Poseidon: Greek Mythology Essay

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Poseidon: Greek Mythology

Spouse and Children- wife- Amphitriite, queen of the ocean. His son Triton. He also had affairs that lead to the births of Theseus, Pegasus, Orion and several other children with both mortal women and goddesses. Appearance- Usually wearing a long gray beard with scraggly, wind swept hair with a strong build. His eyes differ from a light blue to dark green depending on his mood. Stands 7`6“ in his mortal form.


·Was a hateful god ·Hated Odysseus for blinding his son, Polyphemus ·Hated Perseus for killing his wife Medusa ·Hated Athena for sending Perseus to kill Medusa ·Since he was angry 24 7, sailors would sacrifice a human of Poseidons choice in exchange for calm waters.

Characteristics would be that he is noble, strong and wise. On good days, he would do things like have calm waters and create horses from seafoam. But since he was one of the most moodiest gods of them all, he makes earthquakes and flood entire cities when he was upset. Often depicted in myths riding a chariot pulled by sea horses or horses weilding a trident.

Poseidon and Athena competed against eachother for the right to have a major greek city named after them but Athena won because the people favored the Olive Tree rather than the spring of water Poseidon had produced. Role in Greek Life- a major patron god of several large cities within Greece. In Corinth, he was the main god of the city while in Athens he came second to Athena. Created both calm seas and new islands. Since he was the god of the sea and earthquakes he had the ability to affect many people at once so he garned many prayers, sacrifices and attention from all of Greece.

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