Portable Players Essay

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Portable Players

The innovation set by the Walkman has lead to the creation of different portable media for music listening. This paved the way for the consumers to forever change the way they listen to music (Bellis 1). In fact, the Walkman is considered to be the main catalyst which prompted many companies to re-invent their products to become handy and mobile. Previously, music and news were only confined in big mechanical boxes sitting inside a living room. No one ever imagined that a bulky listening device can actually be turned into something which will fit right into one’s pocket.

The Walkman, with an offshoot of portable CD players, has greatly modified the way people establish their lifestyles. The establishments of portable media players, especially those which can play music, have increased a form of mobility for consumers. Practically, it is very obvious that people are now freer to work on other matters even while listening to their favorite tunes. For most cases, this can equate to greater productivity values in day to day activities. Moreover, having a portable listening device such as a CD player makes one’s feelings more invigorated.

This can deliberately affect his outlook towards the tasks he is going to do. Aside from that, it is very likely that the convenience of having a portable media player can increase the ability of a person to interact with other people. On a personal note, the presence of portable listening devices is actually a two-faceted situation. On the positive side, people now have the option to bring along the music wherever they go and whenever they may demand for it. Portable media have truly become one convenient way to integrate an entertainment platform defying the limits of previous generations of bulky and impractical music devices.

This enriches a person’s point of view because of the fact that he can actually make his life enjoyable by listening to his favorite music anytime. On the other side however, having portable media can actually spell some drastic effects towards an individuals’ personality especially when the use of such devices become uncontrollable. One reason why mobile music players have a positive effect to a person’s social life is the fact that they can satisfy the personal needs of people.

For example, if one needs to relax a bit out of the daily routine work, then a simple click and popping of headsets to the ears would sustain a change in mood for the better (Weinberger 1). However, it is also possible that such person, with the right addiction level towards music, may forget that he is still actually a part of the greater social structure. It is very possible that he will tend to interact less and less with other people, become unproductive at work or even modify an attitude towards obsession.

Add to that the fact that portable music players pose a certain degree of health risks. Personal stereo systems may actually induce hear loss with extended use according to Canada’s Minister of Health. Even the Media Awareness Network is concerned about having music which promotes racism, discrimination and violence which makes it more available to portable players. Technology is one of the main factors for the development of human society. But sometimes, there are also some consequences that it may induce for people to change their outlook in life, personal feelings and overall philosophy.

In such a case, it is important that each person has the capacity to limit himself towards becoming a slave for technological advancement in which social interaction perspectives maybe compromised. As of the moment, the portable music players are still doing its job to satisfy the entertainment hunger of the people. It is only a matter of personal evaluation to help an individual look beyond the excitement of having a mobile music treasure box and see other consequences it may bring.

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