Pornography on the internet and its effects to children

Children are to be considered as the hope of the tomorrow. They are the one who make our world beautiful and meaningful because of their innocence and simplicity. But are these facts still true nowadays? Or will it be just a “dream” for us now? Children’s characters, personalities and their totality as individual first develop and mold inside the home where parents are oblige and responsible to teach their children the good values and morals.

But the irony for this issue is that, parents tend to forget their responsibilities as parents in supervising their kids, due to their hectic schedules and demands of their work, especially in the time when children open their computers connected with internet.

They are exposed to different kinds of indecent advertisements and commercials most especially pornography. Computer connected with internet is a very powerful tool to the learning of the children and it can educate them in many ways whether it is profitable or destructive to their morals and values.

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It contributes much most especially when parents let their children watch indecent (pornography) websites anytime of the day without their supervision. Websites on the internet with pornography demoralize the innocence of these children and may be encouraged to try on these filthy things. The use of sexual attraction in the internet as a tool of persuasion by drawing attention, interest to a particular product for the purpose of promotion and increase in sales had been a part of marketing and advertising industry for quite some time.

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The method generally uses attractive models, usually in a suggestive or provocative scene. The past two decades have witnessed an increasing use of explicit sexual appeal in consumer-oriented on-line advertising and particularly of women as the object of sexual desire that it has reached to the point of being common. The use of sex in advertising (a form of pornography) on the internet can range from being highly overt to extremely subtle; from explicit displays of sexual acts or nudity, down to the use of basic cosmetic products to enhance attractiveness.

The more subtle forms of this spectrum have seeped into other types of media. This means that children are prone to adapt thwarted values and morals which will affect sooner to their development as individuals and contribute in the later part of their lives. Being computer (internet) addict is more treacherous and hazardous than taking a drug because it disseminates violence, spoils people’s intellects, and ruins not only the individual but as well as our nation and culture.

In conclusion, it is a fact that internet is a great help and make our works easy and faster however, we cannot deny the fact too that children are great imitators and that is one of their natures. They really follow and imitate what they have seen and observed from other people especially when they realize that these people involve manifests excitement in doing such acts. Internet’s advertisements already content indecent acts such as violence, sensual actions or sex in short pornography has great impact to the minds of the younger generations.

These kinds of entertainments will create curiosity and puzzlements to their young minds that will push them to try it by themselves. Pornographic websites really put an effort to convey their audiences-whether young or old-whom the actions perform on net, believe that those actions are worth emulating for and because of these, children are motivated to imitate it. This is a very important issue for me because I believe that children are the next generation that will lead our country and if their values are distorted while they are young, what will happen to our nation for the coming years?

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Pornography on the internet and its effects to children

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