Pork Barrel Essay

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Pork Barrel

I am an average teenager, but I am aware of what is happening in the country. One of the big problem that our country encounters today is CORRUPTION. “Pork Barrel” is the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative’s district. The usage originated in American English. In election campaigns, the term is used in derogatory fashion to attack opponents.

The corruption in our country is passed by generation to generation. If we don’t act now as an living individual the next generation would still suffer, just think our children’s future if we don’t speak out or act out now. Yes, we do pay taxes but whenever you see the road trails and the situation of the poverty? Would you be happy? Is it worth seeing?. As we respond to the call of the times, we can say that we are all heroes. We are a nation of heroes: resilient and staunch in the face of adversity, ready to fight against the evil that is the pork barrel system. We are not only commemorating our fallen heroes – we are all heroes in our own right, in our own little way.

The real cause behind corruption is absence of a “respectable justice system”. Philippine justice is not credible, and most of the Filipino people are losing respect for it, because it cannot enforce the rule of law against prominent characters and powerful corrupt government officials. Philippine justice is “POLITICALLY ADULTERATED” which means that it is more dominated by politicians who consider themselves the superior elites of society at the expense of the rights of the common people.

It’s safe to say that their Glory days are long gone. When mostly the outsiders think that Philippines today is a political instability, economic struggle, crime, and corruption that often come to mind. As a Filipino citizen would you be proud to hear that? I think the answer is “NO”. When political leaders lie, cheat and steal, when public offices become public curse especially in terms of graft and corruption, when public funds go to private pockets, then we begin to realize how cruel and disgrace this act have done to our country. Because the politicians, are the most notorious abusers of the law where they feel they can simply steal the bounty of the people and cannot be made accountable for their wrongful acts. A changing nation?. Maybe changing for the worse, bribery, corruption, and plundering leaders. The trouble in our country is uncontrollable corruption and greed in the highest level we can imagine, but still we love our very own country Philippines. I could tell it’s corruption has become “a humanitarian crisis” and scandals increasingly to nominate the news.

That’s why nowadays foreigners and citizens alike say that our country has the most corrupt leadership. The worsening action of corruption has eaten the right of every citizen to freedom, good governance, less poverty, having decent life and most of all having your dignity, purity, and clean conscience. Corruption is a serious obstacle to the social and economic status of the country. The biggest losers are the citizens or the Filipino people. In effect- the end users are made to pay for overpriced goods and services that are made with the low-quality or substandard goods and services being catered in our country. It is our right to demand real change, action and improvement from those who take our money from and spend it in our name. We have the right to stand in our own two feet for our own sake to see the real Freud.

Sadly the corruption is not limited to just politicians and policemen. Everyone seems motivated by pure greed in the dog-eat-dog culture that has taken hold in the country. Let’s give thanks to the Philippine justice system that they can control at will. Corruption is the gravest threat in our country. Political Donations has a big part in corruption as you can see, some people the donation being given during campaign in order to gain the vote, are you one of them? I hope not. The concentration of the small group of elite families, seen in combination with political donations, gives these families with undue advantage and this had led to concerns as to their undue influence on both Philippine politics and business life.

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