Population Problems: A Worldwide Dilemma Essay

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Population Problems: A Worldwide Dilemma

Population, specifically in terms of size, is considerably more of an issue today than it has ever been. In fact, some of the most significant problems worldwide are being attributed to the continuous rise of the human global population as mainly contributed by less economically established nations (Sociology Online). However, there is significantly more to these problems regarding population than commonly perceived.

In fact, there are already several population problems that have brought about significant detrimental effects to several nations throughout the world, hence evidently causing alarm at a global scale. On of the most identifiable population problem is of course international migration (Sociology Online). From the standpoint of the common individual, migration might seem harmless as it only pertains to the transfer of people from country to country in terms of those who seek a different environment in which to live in.

However, considering an immense growth in population, especially from impoverished countries, the migration of individuals from such countries towards countries which are more economically stable may result in various detrimental effects including diminished resources, social barriers, and further increase in population growth (Sociology Online). Given this, there have been methods in which migration may be controlled.

In the United States for example, not everyone is allowed to migrate as there are set criteria in choosing the individuals to be allowed to stay in the country (Sociology Online). Another significant population problem is actually very much related to the first one, the continuous reduction of available resources. This problem is rather expected as the more individuals are born, the more people are in need of food. Since, food production cannot always be on par with the demand, problems will obviously arise.

In fact, in extreme cases, famine may even break out as a result of the prolonged lack of available food in numerous locations, which evidently causes not only simple cases of malnutrition but in fact can cause numerous deaths for a particular locality (Sociology Online). The methods in which this is addressed is understandably not only through better rate of production of goods but also through a better consideration in terms of how much is consumed.

Unlike the other two issues discussed, the third one to be mentioned is more on politics and international relations rather than simply the direct physical effects of the overgrowth of populations. The advanced countries have often showed concern regarding the increasing populations of the less developed countries, and have often expressed their eagerness in coercing the governments of these countries to promote or impose methods of population control (Sociology Online).

Even though such suggestions are frowned upon in certain countries, some have in fact initiated population control methods regardless of the suggestions. In fact, the government imposed policies on having children in China have had various positive effects especially in terms of economic status (Sociology Online). As discussed, population problems today are generally associated with immense population growth, and it is evident that most global impacts are from this source.

However, it must also be considered that the opposite of overpopulation is also potentially a source of negative implications (Sociology Online). Therefore, in order to truly limit or eliminate population problems, from apparent ones to more specific cases, a focus must be placed upon determining and maintaining an optimal population for each and every country worldwide. Work Cited Sociology Online. “Population Patterns and Trends. ” Sociology Online Chapters and Texts. n. d. 20 May 2009 <http://www. sociologyonline. net/text/intro/main/c4b543n. htm>

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