Popularity of Sports in the 1920 Essay

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Popularity of Sports in the 1920

The popularity of sports didn’t happen over night. The continual growth that happened during the 1920’s was very significant to sports today. Baseball wasn’t always as popular is it was today. Babe Ruth started trending the high powered offense in Major League Baseball (“1920’s…and along came Babe”). Fans were impressed and helped baseball get a better fan base. Golf was also a new trending sport in the 1920s. Golf started getting more popular when they started to offer a reward to the winner such as 10,000 in the LA open (“1920’s golf history”). Lastly football was trending in the 1920’s. That the first professional football team was created in the 1920’s (“professional football is born”). That right there was really the building block of American football. Sports became popular in the 1920’s especially baseball, golf, and football.

Baseball was probably the biggest sport to get popular in the 1920s. There were so many huge stars that arose in this time period. Babe Ruth being a key factor to the rise of baseball. Babe Ruth ended the era of baseball called the dead ball era, when pitchers dominated the game and offenses weren’t as affective(“History of Baseball”). Babe was one of the first big power hitters in the MLB and his home run hitting attracted big crowds(1920s… and along came Babe”). Once the dead ball era ended the crowd population grew by 30%(“History of Baseball”). The breaking ball was a huge component of the dead ball era because it made hitters not see the ball as good, but with rule changes they banned spitballs which made breaking balls harder to throw(“History of Baseball”). Following this forward, baseball really got popularity from the home run ball and all the money they got from the huge crowds.

Golf really got noticed by the people playing it. Walter Hagen was the first Native American to win the open championship, he brought in crowds of all races.(“1920s golf history”). He owned a very successful golf equipment company which lots of people wanted because he was such a popular golfer. That brought in money for golf to advertise and get the sport more popular. The LA open brought a knew approach to golf. They offered the first reward to the victor, a prize of $10,000(“1920s golf history”). That made things a lot more competitive and got the crowd more into it. R & A golf club was a club that trended many knew things for golf such as the size and weight of the ball, golf carts, and they sold equipment(“1920s golf history”). Furthermore the rising of big stars such as Walter Hagen and the winning reward money helped golf get money and popularity.

Football is different from baseball and golf. At this time right now football was just beginning. The first football association called the (APFA) American Professional football Association was made and Jim Thorpe was the president(“professional football is born”). Shortly after the APFA was made they changed the name to the NFL. Team names weren’t what they were today. They had names like canton bulldogs who were the most popular team in the NFL at that time. Canton Bulldogs brought in money for the NFL because of all the championships they won, which helped for advertising(“History of Football: general History”). The NFL also got popular based off the bets placed at bars, also many drinkers who gambled had beers which were promoted by the NFL which got the NFL a lot of money for advertising(“professional football is born”).

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