Popular Culture: The Impact of Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a movie that gives a lot of teaching to all people and is based on a true story. The film was released in 1994. The film tells the story of a man named Forrest Gump who has a low IQ and has a lot of problems with him. From the moment the people around said he was a fool, but his mother who was his strength often told him that nothing was great compared to ourselves. His mother has educated him since childhood to be a useful person and eventually, he became a successful man when mature and recognized by many people.

This movie has many effectiveness and impact on group members after we watch it.

Firstly, the impact of Forrest Gump on a group member is it does not matter how others see you, just be yourself. Everyone has their own weaknesses. Although people around us insult and despise ourselves we should not feel insulted because one must have his own greatness when it becomes his own.

This scene can be seen when since childhood, Forrest Gump’s mother told him that nothing better than himself. Since then, he did not care what people said. While in college, he has entered football and he is among the greatest in having speed while running. Although the people around him say he is stupid but he continues because it is the success to be gained. In addition, Forrest Gump also remains loyal to his beloved heart he loves since his childhood.

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Although his proposal was rejected many times he remained to be with his beloved and after that he has been crazy for running three years, two months, 14 days, and 16 hours and stops when he’s tired and when he’s hungry. He does not care about people saying he is crazy because he knows what he’s doing and that’s one of the things he likes to do.

Other than that, the impact on group members is to have good friends, we must be a good friend. Extraordinary friendship must still receive their own advantages and disadvantages. To have a good friend is not the only one who needs to be good but ours also need to be better for the friendship to become more complete in friendship. This scene can be seen when Forrest Gump enters the army and has a friend named Benjamin Buford Blue but people call him Bubba. Before Bubba entered the army, he had been working on catching shrimp throughout his life and his family knew everything about the shrimp business. Therefore, Bubba always talks about shrimp throughout the army and during what they do. At that time, Forrest Gump did not scold him even though Bubba had always talked about the same thing all the time because he was a good friend who always heard his friend’s story. Bubba once told her that when this army was over, he wanted to make his own shrimp business. But his desire is not achieved. Forrest Gump is willing to go back to Bubba’s rescue even though he knows it will endanger him but his friend’s life is more important but he is late and Bubba dies in this war. After that, Forrest Gump continues Bubba’s wishes as he has promised to make the shrimp business.

Next, the impact of this movie on group members is to be careful what you say because you can not take it back. Before speaking, we must first think whether the things that come out of the mouth do not make people around hurt with our conversation. Perhaps the person we are suffering will take a long time to forgive what we say. This scene can be seen when Jenny rejected Forrest Gump’s proposal and said roughly. So that Forrest Gump told her “I’m not a smart man but I know what love is.” The sentence is enough to illustrate that he feels that Jenny’s conversation is abusive and at the same time insulting him. This caused him to crazy work by running all day except when he’s tired, he sleeps and when he’s hungry, he eats and then when he wants to go where he just ran non-stop. His mother had told him “put the past behind you before you can move on.” For him, his past was running as long as he had a problem. After three years, two months, 14 days and 16 hours he ran, and eventually he felt tired and he felt like going home.

In addition, do not be afraid to love and do not be afraid to lose is the impact on a group members. In this world, every encounter will definitely be parting. Do not be afraid to love and feel the loss of our loved ones. We need to express the feelings we have in our hearts though we will know that one day the answer will be annoying with feeling lost. This scene can be seen when Forrest Gump is loyal to Jenny even for a long time. Jenny is a very special friend of Forrest Gump because she has changed his way of life. When they were grown up, they were separated temporarily because they enter different colleges but Forrest Gump always visited Jenny when he had a chance. At that point, he saw that Jenny was cheating on him. After he graduated from college, he had entered the army. One night, he decided to go to Jenny and he found out Jenny got an offer to become a singer. Forrest Gump witnessed her first performance in Memphis. Jenny scolded him and asked him to stay away from Jenny. One day when Forrest Gump was speaking on stage, Jenny came and called him. His face looks very happy and once again they look very close like before. Jenny introduced Forrest Gump to her friends and brought home Forrest Gump to college. And just so, she goes from his life again. For a long time, Forrest Gump got a letter from Jenny and she asked to come to see her. When he comes, he sees a boy and he is their son named Forrest. Actually, Jenny has a disease and she invites Forrest Gump to marry her. Soon, Jenny died on Saturday morning and Forrest Gump kept their children and lived their lives as usual.

Furthermore, guide your children so he becomes a useful person to everyone is the impact of the movie on group members. Parents need to pay full attention and love to their children from their childhood so that they become useful to society when they grow up. This scene can be seen when mother Forrest Gump wants her child to have the best education so she sends her child to school. Forrest Gump has a friend named Jenny. From the day of their meeting, they are always together. One day, some naughty boy screwed him and he ran to lightning, from that day on he ran everywhere he wanted to go. When he grows up, he gets into college and becomes a great football star by using it the advantage of the running he has. He has successfully completed his studies and his mother is very proud of the success. After that, he plans to enter the army. He has become a hero in a war because he is willing to come back to save his comrades even though it is a danger to him. After that, he opened his own shrimp business to achieve the wish of his best friend, Bubba who had died in the war. He succeeded in his business and earned good results. Before her mother died, she said she was very proud of what Forrest Gump did. After that, he got a good job offer. Forrest Gump is a useful inspiration that everyone needs to emulate.

Lastly, the impact of Forrest Gump on group members is to put the past behind you before you can move on. The last thing we have to make as a lesson for us to be more careful in the future. It is not wrong if we want to remember the people who have been left behind but it is also important for us to keep living. This scene can be seen when Forrest Gump had to accept that the people he loved left him. First of all, his best friend Bubba who died during the war. Afterward, he promised him to Bubba to continue Bubba’s dream of making his own shrimp business. Soon, while he was managing his business, he got a call that his mother had been ill. Her mother had cancer but over the years she kept that secret from Forrest Gump. His mother died on Tuesday. After that, he has lived his life better and has a job offer. One day he got a letter from Jenny to come to her house and she was sick. Afterward, she invites Forrest Gump to marry her and he agrees to take care of her. Jenny died on Saturday morning. Forrest Gump stays alive and cares for their children.

In conclusion, as a student, we must always be positive and always focus on doing something for the future as it is very important for us to have a good life. Therefore, the above is my reason why I believe Forrest Gump give an impact on group members because it teaches us to it does not matter how others see you, just be yourself, to have good friends, we must be a good friend, be careful what you say because you can not take it back, do not be afraid to love and do not be afraid to lose, guide your children so he becomes a useful person to everyone and put the past behind you before you can move on. This is a good movie because it teaches us to just be yourself and ignore what people want to say to you.

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