Pop Music Has It Gone Too Far Essay

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Pop Music Has It Gone Too Far

Has Pop music gone too far some might say yes some might say no but to some extent everyone would agree but how can you judge this by standard of the generation and how the artist changed it as well as how you would think the next generation would react. hen we began the course it started with rock and rollers wearing suits and dancing with a 1-2 step then coming to 2013 which Ithink the second teen idol era such as Justin Bieber or Katy Perry or even worse the Kardashians but even now compare them to the likes of Fabian teen idols of the late 50s-60s who are taking the rolls of Elvis and such should be noted than filming of Elvis from the waist down was prohibited at a time then to half naked women for the sake of getting a gold record and a couple of bucks but then there was jim morrison waving around his penis on stage but it can be said he was under influence of several things.

But all in all I Say that yes it has gotten too far . Pop music can be said to be always changing because the change from R&B to hip hop did not happen without a huge change like rock and roll and san francisco but when you say something is extreme the next generation will take it as the norm say when 80s rock and roll started making sex related music videos which was considered ridiculous today its everywhere my cousin who was listening to songs like stronger or E. however her mom had no problem . One of the biggest thing I Seen arise is that it injected itself into our culture just like a virus from well dressed clean cut to leather pants and jackets and crazy cuts but it began with the beatles who simply got long hair. Or when KIss stated wearing leather and make up the youth followed proving that it was no longer anti-culture it was culture and changing america for better or worse.

Another thing that crossed my mind is that good is bad and bad is good when the rolling stones crossed this path they set a whole world of problems but how far can you go for record sales once it was love, peace and tolerance then it turned to sex drugs and rock and roll while the singers who were in tune were dismissed while screamers were considered the best. But some may not think this is a big deal, it is pop music but I Would think death would change one’s mind.

Jimi Hendrix one of the best guitarists died due to “misadventure” aka he overdosed as well as jim morrison taking their own lives the best of the san francisco style dead, pop music took these “tortured” souls but it can be said that they had it coming to them how about the fans, ordinary people for example say Altamont Free Concert what could go wrong Free concert with world famous acts what could go wrong. Drugs and alcohol can.

The rolling stones here tried to skip the police and decided that they can do whatever they wanted , they were a pop artist group of course, so they decided to hire the hells Angels and with the drugs and fight music a brawl broke out between a fan and to members which ended with the death of Meredith Hunter who was stabbed to death by the security personnel and it was caught on tape. Or when the prince of darkness decided to write a song about suicide (suicide solution) a teenaged John McCollum decided to kill himself . he lyrics went”Where to hide, suicide is the only way out Don’t you know what it’s really about Wine is fine but whiskey’s quicker Suicide is slow with liquor Take a bottle, drown your sorrows Then it floods away tomorrows” this song at the least suggests suicide if not promoting it . Being bad may bring in platinum records and #1 hits but when people start dying bad is not good any more it’s bad.

Rock and roll was once full of well dressed mannered people the Beatles be a good example and early on their lyrics meant well elvis sang about love and moondogs then Jimi hendrixs start humping his guitar on fire then the who started breaking equipment , The rolling stones started shooting heroin on stage, ozzy osbourne bit the heads off a bat and Jim morrison exposed himself and I doubt all they sung about was love me do and twist and shout the lyrics esuculated from “in benefit of mr. ite” to Prince saying incest is ok or when twisted sister said to shoot them down with a _______ gun then Venom advising “Welcome to my sacrifice Plunge the dagger in her breast” then ice-t saying to kill police or when blackie lawless is acting out sex with a saw . The lyrics are what sells albums Eminem and 2pac both are one of the most successful rap artists ever and yet there lyrics call for killing cops homophobia and songs against women.

In a song Eminem or marshall mathers once said that there would be the same amounts of drug addicts and murders without me something I Doubt. The more famous the artist the more influence they have charles manson said that the Beatles were prophets . Going back in time there was a time when music was a time where music was an extra part of life which was recreational and now we hang on every last word of our favorite artist say swag which was reintroduced by T. I jay-y as well as justin bieber and it is still around and don’t forget YOLO which was created by drake but it seems though as it is dying out but hats, shirts and bracelets were made and this is where it begins to push the limits when people live their live based upon these word which in a way is no different than Charles Manson.

Or when Wiz Khalifa is so open about his weed addiction and so many of my former friends started because of him or even earlier when Dr. dre started and when people take pills because eminem did it or acid because the beatles were cool. hen people say pop music artist does this it becomes a religion like following like how a good christian would follow the teachings of jesus they are following the ideals of pop stars and became the center of everything as John Lennon once said”We’re more popular than Jesus now” or when Kendrick Lamar Says”Depending on what you expecting, I’m sure it’s bigger than your religion”After this course I’m wondering where is the responsibility of these Musicians who control the public when are they saying not to listen to them but they want to be heard so if you do go to F. Y. E and pick up a Marshall mathers lp the responsibility is given to the parents as there is a little text box saying parental advisory for us to have to worry about those things itself proves that Pop music has gone too far as you wouldn’t let your child listen to Eminem or Ozzy And you would not let your parents hear you listening to them I think thats the limit when it starts to on Prentice Hall, 2006.

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