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Poor Vinny Essay

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What Eddie did was wrong. He snitched on my cousins who were only trying to make a living. He shouldn’t have died though. Not like that. Marco’s son is ill he needed money so I had to help them, I couldn’t leave them. I was so happy when they came. It had been so long. Then I saw the look on Eddies face. Why was he unhappy? Didn’t he realise what this meant to me? He seemed to get along with Marco, talking and taking an interest in his life.

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It was Rodolfo he didn’t like. I thought maybe it was because there seemed to be something between Catherine and Rodolfo.

I know he is very overprotective of Catherine. She is like the daughter he never had. I thought this was the reason why Eddie was unhappy when they came, he didn’t think Rodolfo would be right for Catherine. Shortly after Rodolfo and Catherine started going out together. Eddie didn’t like this. He would always make up excuses, warnings to try and make them not go out. Eddie had changed; he wasn’t the same person anymore. He was always so miserable. I had this horrible thought that maybe Eddie liked Catherine, in a way that he shouldn’t.

The more time went on, the more I began to think that my suspicions were true. Eddie didn’t think anyone was good enough for Catherine. I think it was because he wanted her himself. He thought if he can’t have her then nobody could. After about a year, Catherine and Rodolfo decided that they were going to get married. Eddie knew that if this happened he would lose Catherine forever. Eddie told the Immigration bureau about Marco and Rodolfo being in the country illegally. Then he made them move out. They moved into the apartment on the top floor and two more Sicilians came to stay with them.

When Eddie found out about the other Sicilians he began to regret what he had done. He had not betrayed one but two families. He shouldn’t have told on Marco and Rodolfo, it went against everything Eddie believed in. Eddie knew there would be consequences, especially after what happened to poor Vinny. Eddie was trying to protect Catherine. He thought Rodolfo was only marrying Catherine so he could be an American citizen. He didn’t want Catherine to get hurt. Eddie never really trusted my cousins. I didn’t have anything against them.

Rodolfo made Catherine happy, that was good enough for me. Marco only wanted what was best for his family like Eddie wanted what was best for his. Eddie was always trying to put Catherine off Rodolfo making fun of him because he cooks and sings. He accused Rodolfo of being homosexual, he even kissed him to try and prove it to Catherine. I remember once Eddie was teaching Rodolfo how to box, Eddie saw this as a very manly thing to do. He took this chance to hurt Rodolfo. He punched him and it must have hurt because Rodolfo staggered.

Marco then held a chair over Eddie’s head in a sort of threatening way. It was a warning to Eddie. Eddie didn’t take it very seriously, or else he wouldn’t have told on Marco and Rodolfo. Poor Catherine, she didn’t know what to do. None of this was her fault. She didn’t ask for Eddie to like her. She didn’t help matters though, parading around the house in her slit and talking to Eddie while he’s shaving in his boxers. She didn’t know it was something she shouldn’t do. She had grown up acting like that around Eddie. I suppose it was a bit immature though.

She should have learned, maybe it was me that should have told her. There was so much I could have done, but it’s too late now my husband is dead. Eddie was a good man. He was a good husband to me. His jealousy and pride cost him his life. He was always good to Catherine he gave her everything she wanted. But he tried to stop her having the one thing she really needed and now he’s paying the consequences. He betrayed Marco and Rodolfo and he betrayed the Sicilian Code. In Sicily if Marco hadn’t killed him, someone else would have.

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