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I also heard Mrs. Foresight talking to a customer in the post office last Wednesday about how she left her bicycle outside a shop for one minute and when she came out it was gone! Dear me. That same afternoon I was sorting through the post in the backroom of the post office as usual. I found out that Mr. O’Donnel is running for Mayor at his age! Then I noticed a group of property magazines were being sent to whoever lives at number 24.

I’m not surprised they’re trying to move when they have so many children in such a small house. I was just opening a letter addressed to Mrs. Jones when I heard the door being opened. Gave me the shock of my life and then luckily I remembered that I had locked the door. So I shouted “just sorting out this last bit of mail and I’ll be right there” and crammed all the letters back into their envelopes.

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I can usually spend all afternoon going through mail without being disturbed but it turned out that Mrs. Foresight needed to use the photocopier that day. Naturally I’ve perfected the art of opening and then re-sealing letters so that no one suspects a thing. Honestly, how else is a woman like me supposed to know what’s going on in this village. I’m hardly doing anything wrong, I’m just the kind of person that likes to keep in touch with current affairs.

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