Poor Lifestyle Essay

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Poor Lifestyle

In the modern world, the modern urbanites are living in a tense community. Consequently, they might have different kinds of poor lifestyle in their life. According to Woods (2010), poor lifestyles always include smoking, drinking, poor diet and lack of exercise, which perhaps lead to a higher chance of cancer. However, it could be environmental pollution. Health plays an important role in people’s life. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right food or the right healthier way in your life. Moreover, environmental pollution could influence people in their lives as well. This essay will discuss about health issue on quality of life and how environmental pollution affects human’s lives nowadays.

On the one hand, the healthy diet is more and more popular in this society. Hamer, Molloy and Stamatakis (2008) claim that there is a connection between the level of physical activity and diet or nutrition that people consume from the different foods. When a person eats immoderately, the calorie would be transformed to fat or cholesterol which is harmful for people’s health. It means that they will become overweight or obese. There are some dangerous factors if they are suffering obesity such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, body pain, being out of breath, easily tired and disability. Although people also eat a great deal of fruits or some natural food at the same time, it might be produced some harmful effects. For instance, eating too much animal fat is a main cause of sickness or ill health also our bodies need a little but most of us eat too much. Some people know saturated fat. Therefore, it could make the person get a disease and be overweight (BBC n.d.).

However, there are numbers of fats in fish, chicken, eggs, turkey, duck, beans, dog, lentils and foods made from these. Unsaturated fat may be better for the people, but eating too much fat of any type can gain their weight. It is better to buy a small amount of lean meat rather than fatty meat or solid fat. The best way is to eat more fish or different kinds of nutritional food and do not forget to get a high iron intake by eating something like liver and bitter foods. Some traditional meal, they use pulses provide good nutrition, to reduce the use of animals fat in the cooking. (Morbidity, Mortality, 1996)

On the other hand, environmental pollution could lead to poor lifestyle as well. The pollution could happen in many different sources such as contaminate water, air, and light. At first, the indoor air pollution will make children and teenager getting diseases. Cooking and heating with solid fuels on some open fires or traditional stoves will produce small particles and carbon monoxide, especially for young children and women. According to the Global Health Risks, indoor air pollution leads to 2.7% of world diseases. (WTO n.d.) Furthermore, air pollution also leads to higher temperature and green house effect. Take Chicago as an example.

Many residents feel like it is too dangerous because of the high humidity and air pollution. People with pulmonary and respiratory diseases are very sensitive so they should limit their activities(CDT, 2011). Secondly, water pollution would threaten tap water quality. According to the EWG, the biggest sources of contaminants are agriculture and industry. The environmental group finds the water that people drink everyday which contains about 260 chemical contaminants altogether. The pollution will be more dangerous to the citizens and pose a great threat on the human beings. (Larry West, n.d)

As suggested above, environmental pollution is divided into several aspects, such as air pollution and water pollution, which might contribute to poor lifestyle. Nevertheless, every kind of pollution will damage our lifestyle so people should be aware of the risks. In addition, the government ought to lay down some laws to stop air pollution. This is because it could avoid deterioration of contamination. However, in developing countries , where pollution is strictly regulated, it still has much more things need to do.

In conclusion, health and environmental pollution have a huge effect in the life. Air pollution is known to could affect people’s health as well.If a person had good health, they can do anything they want. As a result, people need to be care about their diet and lifestyle. It could save their health and lead the people more happy. Nevertheless, environmental pollution could affect the person. Even though the people are healthy. All show that poor lifestyle is unhealthy in this community.

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