Poor Delivery Performance

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Walmart tries to send report of poor delivery performance. Walmart tries to send report of delivery performance of Bringg to upper level management so they can come up with solution. However, according to Bringg’s argument against this situation is that while signing partnership deal+- they did not have any terms regarding required number of employees to be appointed for the Walmart. This situation has resulted into conflict between these two brands. As Walmart is known for its finest services in the eyes of the customers, this problem is quite unacceptable for them.


Step of developing a trust-based relationship which was not proper: As per our opinion, out of all four key steps, lack of creating effective contracting is to be blamed more for this conflict. This step is one which has some written terms and guidelines for both parties’ mutual benefits. Proper execution of this step can guide both organisations when any unpleasant situation arises. By looking at Bringg’s argument against Walmart’s report it is clear that both parties failed to create effective contracting.

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If they would have decided terms regarding minimum number of required employees, Bringg would definitely come to some other solution than reducing number of employees which are already supposed to work for Walmart. Along with it, Walmart should also have provided forecasted data to Bringg so that Bringg can prepare effectively.

Source of Conflict: We think out of all five types of conflict sources, data and structural conflicts were the responsible one.

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The primary reason is that Walmart did not share data and information regarding requirement of least number of workers for deliveries on each day. Same kind of thing can be applied at Bringg’s side too. There was no written contract as well. Thus, lack of interaction regarding data of orders and number of employees to be allocated became source of conflict. Along with it, Bringg’s uneven management of delivery boys was also somewhat responsible as in order to serve other clients, they just unevenly distributed human resources which were not structured at all. Any conflict due to uneven distribution of resources belongs to structural conflict. Hence, lack of data sharing and uneven structural management became main sources of conflicts.

Way of Solving this conflict: With a view to Walmart’s perspective, we believe that this conflict should be solved via Negotiation. Reason of choosing this less formal method can be justified around degree of seriousness of the conflict. Walmart’s primary functional goal revolves around their retail stores where customers can have smooth and affordable shopping experience. Home delivery of goods to customers can be considered as their additional or secondary service which is done by its delivery partner Bringg. The only problem for Walmart is that they cannot provide positive shopping experience to customers due to delay or wrong delivery. Hence, we can see that this conflict with Bringg is not affecting Walmart’s primary function up to major extent. So, we think it can be solved by quick and less formal method which is negotiation. Method of negotiation can be executed by following standard steps.

Step 1:

Planning and Preparation by both parties would be first step. This includes planning regarding informal meeting between service executives of Walmart and Bringg, and preparation by collecting necessary straight forward information to make negotiation process smooth and quick.

Step 2:

Setting Ground rules will be next step. We will set predefined rules such as maximum time limit of discussion, conflict issues and limitations. This will be probably discussed by e-mail.

Step 3:

During informal meeting Walmart and Bringg representative will justify and clarify their reasons behind this conflict and their intended ways to solve conflict with proper explaination.

Step 4:

After hearing each other’s clarification and justifications Walmart and Bringg service executives will try to discuss which way discussed by them is best to solve this conflict. This can include healthy argument and suggestions to improvise final solution of this problem agreed by both executives.

Step 5:

There will be contract between Walmart and Bringg regarding agreement between both executives which worked out. This contract agreement would be formal as it will be written and signed by both executives.

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Poor Delivery Performance
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