Pollution to Water Source

The chemical fertilizer has environmental effects when it goes into the water source. In some parts of Vietnam, the water becomes eutrophication and underground water pollution. Additionally, due to the growth of economy in Vietnam, water quality has been affected along with an increased concentration of numerous toxins in the water, in the northern region of Vietnam around Hanoi; there is evidence of arsenic contamination in the drinking water (Nguyen Huu Dung, 1999).

More than 7 million people live in that zone have a severe risk of arsenic poisoning and since elevated levels of arsenic can causes cancer, neurological and skin problems, this is a serious issue (Sahisna, 2019).

The poison that goes through the river mostly comes from agricultural lands and livestock, the impact of it cause environmental pollution in these river basins and human health. On the other hands, the ministry of natural resources and environment state that almost 80% of the diseases in Vietnam are caused by polluted water. The government of Vietnam is tackling the water resources management issue in the country by applying policies and programs relating to this (Toan, 2019).

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Pollution to Water Source

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