Pollution Problem Affecting Hong Kong Essay

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Pollution Problem Affecting Hong Kong

Recently, a survey was conducted concerning about the development of Hong Kong and the related air pollution issues over the last twenty years. The survey investigated the Air Pollution Index (API) of different districts in Hong Kong, including Central, Mong Kok, Kowloon City, Tung Chung and Yuen Long. According to the result, API has been growing in Central, Tung Chung and Yuen Long from 1992 to 2012. Meanwhile, the Air Pollution Index of Kowloon City and Mong Kok have been increasing within these ten years. It demonstrates that air pollution becomes serious because of the rapid development of society.

Air pollution is an inevitable consequence of economic development in Hong Kong. Since there are many vehicles and factories in prosperous areas in Hong Kong, exhaust gas are created and air pollution will deteriorate. For instance, due to the construction of Hong Kong International Airport in Tung Chung in 1998, numerous airplanes taken off and landed leads to the increasingly serious pollution problems.

Therefore, API has increased from 32 to 174 over these 20 years according to the data. Besides, some factories and manufacturers may be keen on the pursuit of profits but concerning less about the protection of environment. As a result, air pollution problem in Hong Kong become more severe in these ten years. The government should pay more attention to promote environmental protection.

One of the feasible solutions of improving the air pollution problem is to promote environmental protection regularly. It is important for the citizens to build up their awareness of protecting environment. People need to know more about the consequences of poor air quality which may harm their health. The government may take some methods to handle the problem arising. For example, advertising through televisions, holding talks and educating the next generations. Therefore, manufacturers may take their social responsibility to reduce the damage on environment. Air pollution problem can be improved when people are concerning more about the situation.

There are some possible benefits and challenges for implementing the solution. First, if the government and citizens can join hands in solving the problem, it is possible that promotion of environmental protection can meet our objectives. However, it may be difficult that the air pollution problem can be improved immediately.

In long-run, laws and limitations should be introduced to improve air quality, such as introducing stricter pollution controls for factories, introducing higher registration fee of private cars and limiting the private cars on the road. As a consequence, the air quality of different areas in Hong Kong can be improved through these effective measures.

In conclusion, according to the survey, the air pollution problem is increasingly serious in different prosperous districts in Hong Kong due to the economic development. There are lots of feasible and effective strategies of improving air quality. If the government and people collaborate in solving the problem, it is not far to breathe in fresh air in Hong Kong.

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