Pollution is the scourge of the 21st Century Essay

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Pollution is the scourge of the 21st Century

Pollution has been termed as the cause of most of problems that are facing the world and its environment in this Century. Pollution occurs as a result of unsafe disposal of waste products generated in the daily processes. In comparison to the pat centuries, the 21st century is facing the wrath of cumulative pollution that has been taking place over the years. In addition, this Century has seen a rise in levels of pollution with devastating effects. Several forms of pollution have continued to alter the environment.

The technological development all over the world has seen an increase in generation of wastes which have polluted the land, air and even water bodies (Merinew, 2009, 1). An analysis on research on pollution within the previous century shows a very big difference on the pollution tactics levels between the 20th Century and the 21st Century. In this case, the previous century pollution levels were very minimal since the environment was not subjected to great levels of developments compared too this century. Pollution has interfered with life negatively by causing changes to the nature.

The rise in population has led to demand of more of industrial products which generates by products that ends up causing pollution. The cutting of trees and the land clearance has lead to increase in rates of air pollution as trees plays a big role in absorbing carbon dioxide generated buy man and other processes. Modern technologies have continued to generate new kinds of pollutants that were not in existence in the past century. Among this is the e-waste which has proved to be an eyesore to the environment. The invention of new culture in the world it has made pollution to be a scourge to the 21st century.

The change in lifestyle has made people to demand more of synthetic products. This has distanced man from his environment which has been his sole sustaining element for all of his history. The resultant of this has been a change in climatic conditions with devastating effects. There are many pollution related ailments now than any time in history (Lee, 2001, 13). It is only in this Century that the La-nina phenomenon was experienced as a result of global warming. In addition, this Century is experiencing the disappearance of snow in the tropics, and other regions. This has resulted from destruction of ozone layer.

In addition, 70 percent of available water is polluted and unsafe for consumption. The land has also become less productive due to the continued pollution by chemical inputs. Concisely, pollution is a real threat that has continued to exhibit itself in this century more than ever before. References Lee, Dwight 2001, The Efficient Amount of Pollution. Ideas on Liberty, Vol. 51, p. 12-15 Merinews 2009, “Global Dimming” Is the Latest Environ mental Scourge. Accessed on 26 July 2010 from http://www. merinews. com/article/global-dimming-is-the-latest-environmental-scourge/154303. shtml

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