Pollution is Killing the Earth

Some outcomes of pollution are irreversible and can be deadly. Oil spills can kill overwhelming amounts of marine life and could stand between people and clean drinking water. Pollution occurs all over the world and goes from littering to harmful gases. Different kinds of pollution can bring harm to plants, animals, and people.

Pollution can affects all areas of the environment. That includes land. Almost 80% of land pollution is caused by energy production, food production, and transportation. Chemicals from mines or factories can seep into the soil and poison plants.

The infected plants can be eaten by people and animals. The people and animals that consume the infected plants could become ill. In 2009, almost 20,000 beaches were closed due to land pollution.

Water pollution is a major problem as well. Water can become polluted from sewage, oil spills, and pesticides from farms. Almost 40% of lakes in america are too polluted for fishing, aqualife, and swimming. That is almost 50,000 lakes that are polluted.

Houston even has some of the worst polluted waters in all of america. Lake Houston, Trinity River, and the San Jacinto River are some of the worst polluted. These pollutants come mainly from factories and nuclear power plants. In 2004 and 2007, 18 chemicals were found in the drinking water which exceeded legal safe amounts for the state.

Lastly, there is air pollution. Air pollution is worst in New Delhi which has a population of 21.75 million people, that is almost 12 times more than Houston. Air quality index says a safe amount of pollution to breath in is between 0 and 50.

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New Delhi is at 310. A level that high is considered hazardous. If nearly 22 million people live in New Delhi than it is very likely that illness is fairly common. Nearly 90% of people on Earth breath in polluted air. So only 1 out of 10 people have clean air.

In conclusion, pollution is a major problem that should be dealt with. Pollution can come in many different forms but they are all equally harmful. Land, water, and air pollution can all cause deadly consequences if the problem is not resolved soon. All kinds of pollution destroy our earth. We better be careful though because this is our earth, and it’s the only one we’ve got.

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