Pollution in Washington DC Essay

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Pollution in Washington DC

Pollution is one of the major problems our environment is facing today. Pollution is defined to be the changes in the environment that makes it detrimental for living things to live on it. Pollution is usually caused by harmful chemicals which alter the state and characteristics of an environment when it is not handled well (Biology-online). Washington DC, the capital of United States of America, is located in District of Columbia. Washington DC is now facing a problem that is clearly seen today in the place. Pollutions in the city are a problem faced by Washington DC (African American Environmentalist Association [AAEA], 2000).

There are many types of pollution that are present in Washington DC today. Water and air are the most common pollution in the place. The combination of the said pollutions is very harmful to each and everyone in Washington DC (AAEA, 2000). Sources of the pollution The pollution in Washington DC has many sources. One of the sources includes vehicle exhaust pollutants produced by thousands of cars everyday. Gasoline stations in Washington DC provide each and every car the power to produce pollutants in the air. A gasoline station in Washington DC serves about 300,000 vehicles which is only a part of the almost 3 million cars in the area.

The pollution produce by all the vehicles comprises 70 percent of air pollution. Also, the storage tanks of the gasoline stations leak some pollutants to the water making it contaminated and unsafe to drink. The lack of potable water is a serious problem to the people of Washington DC (AAEA, 2000). Federal facilities also contribute to the pollution in Washington DC. Anacostia watershed is an example of how federal facilities contribute to pollution. Waste from the acreage owned y the federal government is thrown in Anacostia, increasing toxic pollutants in the water and decreasing the potable water of the area (AAEA, 2000).

Another source of pollution in water is the runoffs from urban areas. Most of the urban runoffs of the area are deposited in Anacostia and Potomac River. Urban runoffs are comprised of chemicals coming from chemicals found in each and every corner of Washington DC. These include chemicals from rooftops, asphalt, concrete, roads, alleys, highways, driveways, buildings, parking lots, heavy metals, toxic chemicals from factories etc. With the help of naturally occurring rain, these harmful chemicals are washed off to the said rivers (AAEA, 2000).

Also a culprit of both air and water pollution is the improper dumping of solid wastes in Washington DC. If solid wastes are not properly dumped then it might be washed into the rivers. Also, toxic chemicals can be absorbed by the air and can be harmful if inhaled by a person (AAEA, 2000). Effects of pollution There are many effects brought about by the pollutions that we encounter in our everyday life. Destruction of the environment is one of the major effects of pollutions. As said earlier, water areas are the ones affected by the pollutions in Washington DC.

Certain water areas like Anacostia and Potomac are destroyed (AAEA, 2000). They are destroyed in the sense that living creatures in this water areas are killed because of the toxic materials thrown in them. Another is that the water itself cannot be used as a source of drinking water for us (Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], 2002). One known environmental effect of air pollution is the Global warming. Harmful chemicals such as the pollutants produced by millions of cars in Washington DC greatly contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer (AAEA, 2000).

Ozone layer is the one that protects the earth from the heat produced by the sun. Global warming is responsible for the strong typhoons, hurricanes, droughts, and other natural phenomenon that greatly damages lives in the earth today (Gardiner, 2006). Health effects are also common whenever pollution is present. The combination of both air and water pollution is like a poisonous beverage that when drink, will instantly kill ones life. Certain illnesses are brought about by the pollution that is present today in Washington DC.

Some illnesses include lung diseases, poisoning, and other water related diseases such as typhoid fever (Eastbum, 2006). This health effects are serious and can even cause death if a person having it is not properly treated. Thus, theses health effects are detrimental to human live. There are many things that are done today in order to lessen the pollution in Washington. Our reliance to fuel is one thing that we should eliminate. The search for clean and renewable energy should be done in order to eliminate if not lessen our reliance on fuels which causes 70 percent of air pollution.

The governments effort against pollution should be strengthen. The budget for Environmental Health Administration should be increased in order to provide the needs for health care and prevention in an area in order to cope up with the ever growing population. Also one can help in contributing to eliminate pollution by decreasing solid wastes which are improperly dumped. If this is done, there are certainly a bright future for Washington DC and also a bright future for the residents of the area (AAEA, 2000). Washington DC is the heart of America. Washington DC is the house of the US federal government.

But the state of Washington today clearly gives us an idea of how the government reacts to these problems. Although there are some efforts to eliminate if not lessen the pollution, the government should act full force on these pollution problems. With the governments help and the peoples help, every pollution can be resolve. References African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA). (2002). Our Unfair Share 3: Race and Pollution in Wahington, D. C. Retrieved January 12, 2009 from http://www. aaenvironment. com/OUS3. pdf Biology-online. (2005). Pollution.

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