Political Typology Essay

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Political Typology

How the Political Typology does, doesn’t describe me accurately After looking at my results of the survey, seeing how they placed me and looking more into the category in which I was placed and believe it is very accurate. The survey marked me as a New Coalition Democrat, the definition of their party is strongly pro-government, upbeat about our country’s ability to solve problems through hard work, generally liberal on racial issues, hospitable to immigrants and very religious.

Fifty six percent of the party is Democrats, thirty four percent, white thirty percent black and twenty six percent Latino; fifty five percent only have a high school education, twenty three percent are not registered to vote and fifty five percent are regular volunteer for charity. The survey is mostly correct I do believe with hard work the government’s issues can be solved however I believe we the people should be responsible to work hard to get back on its feet not solely the government.

I am very liberal on racial issues and believe no matter what color, race or sex everyone is entitled to the same opportunities, they should be allowed a decent education so they have the ability to make something of their selves if they use their resources. I am and have been very hospitable to immigrants feeling no threat from them and I do welcome them into my home as well as help them get onto their feet as they settle in America. I do fit into the religious and volunteer category as well. As to saying I’m pro-government I am yes and no.

I take the side of John Locke I believe people do need to have people in power over them or we would live in chaos, but the person’s should have limited power in order to avoid anarchy. I think the government should avoid making many restrictions on what people can and cannot do, however I believe they have done right by putting a celling price and floor price on goods as well as stopping the monopoly system, though looking at them wanting to ban sodas and guns is getting involved in making people stupid and unable to make a decision for themselves.

Comparing my results from the survey to the nine groups and their values, mentioned in the book, they would say I am a Social Conservative saying I am a moralist believing people should live by a set of right, just morals, pro-life believing everyone is equal and should have the same opportunities. Oppose welfare, I honestly do I think it is our job as fellow Americans to step in and assist our neighbors not ask the government to come in and fix it for us as Locke said we should be compassionate and take care of each other.

I also do believe that assertive foreign policy, forming alliance with other countries agreeing to work together for the better of both our people, is a healthy thing for countries to do. According to the survey and book, I am classified as a New Coalition Democrat and Social Conservative, believing we as American citizens are responsible to work hard to help the government get back on their feet, that everyone should be given the same opportunities no matter who they are, we should accept immigrants they are not threatening us most come here to get away from conflict and I am religious.

I take the side of John Locke when it comes to pro-government I believe in limited power to stop anarchy from happening but we as people need to have people in authority or there would be mass chaos. I do oppose welfare as I feel it isn’t the government’s responsibility to take care of the people but the people’s job to assist our neighbors through hard times and lastly I consider foreign policies to be something that is healthy for our country and other countries.

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