Political Perspective: Essay

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Political Perspective:

Politic is an important factor in organization due to its influence on decisions making and distribution of power. According to Jeffery, 1992, if we ignore the issues that the related to power and its influence in organizations, we can lose our chances to understand these critical social process and training managers to cope with them. Recognizing that politics is a fact of organizational life and building the skills to understand how politics shapes organizational decision.

It is obvious that politics refers to structure and process of use of authority and power to effect definition of goals, directions and other parameters of organization. Due to the mechanistic structure of ATLANTIS, people at the top of hierarchy have more power than at the down of the structure. People at the top of structure are more concerning about operational decisions. As we have said before at the beginning that Atlantis is owned by Istithmar World but it managed by Kerzner.

If Kerzner wants for example to open new restaurant, they should have first the permission of Istithmar world. Politics is always concerned with power. Robbins and Judge have identified five resources of power. First of all, Coercive power that depends on fear of the negative results from failing to comply. People with coercive power have ability to use punishment or make threats about punishment. Second, reward power which is the opposite of coercive power. It is based on the ability to distribute rewards that others view as valuable. Thirdly, legitimate power which comes from the position that a person has in the formal hierarchy of an organization.

Forth, expert power which its influence based on special knowledge or skills that he/she owns. Finally, referent power which comes from desire on part of other person due to his desirable resources or personal traits. It is very obvious in advertising when companies use celebrities or sport figures to advertise for their products or service. If we apply these types of power, we can obviously found legitimate power is very dominant in Atlantis. Employees in Atlantis get their power from the position they have and if they lose this position, they lose their power.

Also, Atlantis uses the rewards as a source of power to motivate employees to work effectively. As Atlantis is a hotel industry, they are highly given value to the customer needs. Atlantis has two programs to elicit the needs of its guests. The first one is JB power. It is a survey conducted by any guest when he/she.

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