Political Personalities Essay

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Political Personalities

During WWII, Adlolph Hilter was the most destrutive politician and as a German Natzi dictator he was responsible for the estimated deaths of over 11 million people. After fighting in and losing The Great War, Hitler joined the German labor party which began his political career. Giving speeches that fueled anger over Germany’s defeat at war by implicating Jews in a conspiracy against the German government.

As a child Hitler grew up in Germany with a loving mother and an authoritive and strict father. It is said that his father was never approving of Hitlers ideas and desires and that they had many disagreements including Hitler’s passion to persue his interest in art. His grades in school reflect that he was a as a poor learner and he dropped out after his father died at the age of 15. After this he went to Vienna to persue his interest in art but was rejected twice by the art academy.

Observation and theories of personality, psychopathology, and psychotherapy developed by philosopher and psychiatrist Alfred Adler concluded that the desire and goal of every human being is to belong and to feel significant (Adler Graduate School 2012). Adler believes that when such desires are not achieved it can lead an individual to an unhealthy desire for superiority he calles “superiority striving” What might be the motivation behind this leader’s career choice, according to Adler’s theory?

Considering Alder’s theory of an individuals life goal, Hitler’s motivation in his strive for superiority may have been influenced by intense feeling of inferiority and insecureties developed during childhood and family evironment. The discouraging rejection of his passion for art by both his father the art institute guided Hitler’s reaction’s and inspired him to find his own way to overcome these inadequicies.

Although childhood events were the most influential, social forces encouraged Hitler’s strive for superiortity by the German people’s acceptance and submission to his leadership. Did this leader act out of social interest or for personal gain? What was the long-term outcome of his/her striving? Hitlers advances were efforts of personal gain with no real regard or interest in the German people. His intentions to assume control were only provide benefit to his personal ego and satisfaction How would you apply Adler’s theory of birth order to this personality?

Alder’s birth order theory investigates the ways in which family environment affects personality and behavioral responses. Particularly concerning the person’s family status such as in Hitler’s life as a child enduring paternal rejection and lack of acceptance and encouragement. Hitler’s response was to seek the need for approval through the acceptance in social status which had taken the form of power in superiority and control. Considering Alder’s theory Hitler being the oldest child with younger siblings.

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