Political parties Essay

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Political parties

In most political environment of the world, the issue of attracting increased voters is critical to the development of any political party. Most party candidates run progressive and aggressive political campaign in other to win more voters. Political parties around the world device various means of increasing their chances of winning elections. A very good example is the just concluded United State presidential election. The country’s parties in one way or the other influence the election results through their various campaigns. There will be a comprehensive discussion on this matter in this write up.

According to Micah Sifry, who argued that voter turnout would increase if party candidates run progressive and populist campaigns. In some cases, this could work and in practice, progressive and populist campaigns do determine the increased turnout of voters, but most times this may not be. What will determine this may be the assurance on the part of the political aspirant that went they are elected, the economic goals would be achieved. In essence, political party’s primary obligation has significant effect on the voter’s turnout that could be necessary in future election.

In future, political parties may continue to use these campaign strategies. However, there maybe a major change in the way this is conducted. Political parties will develop different platforms, issues and debates that could determine the number of voter’s turnout. These platforms and issue could be in form of given detailed report on what the political aspirants will do if elected. Others could be to develop campaign publicity and events around the country, utilization of publications to educate the generality about their campaign progress, plan tours where political aspirants will be required to speak and answer questions from the public.

The progressive and populist campaign refers to direct effort by political parties to give a detail issue or account of what their respective candidate would solve if elected. The populist is an America phenomenon, which was developed to take the issue of the populace needs into consideration. The USA faces series of progressive and populist campaign, because most political aspirants get to office without fulfilling the various promises made during their political campaigns. This has contributed to the problem that could face the country in terms of political elections in future.

The aggressive and populist campaign has some resemblance of today’s campaign process. In some ways, the country is trying to address this issue in different forms. The just concluded presidential election is a very good example of this issue. During the campaign, the two parties involved developed several ways of attracting voters to their side. They used different means of election campaign to have a great chance of winning, but the government-devised strategies to address this issue.

In conclusion, what determines the increased number of electorates’ turnout depends on the way political parties make use of various political campaign strategies. In essence, aggressive and populist campaign strategy is just a necessary condition and not a sufficient condition for increasing the number of voters’ turnout during election. Reference: Rutenberg J. , Nagourney A. , (2008). An Adviser Molds a Tighter, More Aggressive McCain Campaign. The New York Times, Politics. http://www. nytimes. com/2008/09/07/us/politics/07schmidt. html? _r=1

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