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Political Nature Of Music Essay

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Music has influenced man in a lot of ways and it can be evidently seen in the events that have occurred throughout the years. The vastness of music’s capability to create influential concepts and ideas ranges from the smallest of intents to the broadest of intentions. Politics is not an exemption to the scope of musical boundaries. Through the years, music has provided various influential impacts to society and to politics. In the United States, music has become a popular method to promote political intentions.

Music and Politics Through the years music has evolved and added up different genres from time to time. This aspect of music provides a wider range of impact on different types of music lovers. From punk to hip-hop, jazz up to pop, these different musical styles possess the influential aspects that determine the concept of music and its ability to affect people. There are various artists and bands who blatantly express their political outcries through the use of their music.

There have been the bands from the past until present who showcase their protests to political leaders and their actions. To these bands, their capability to influence people most especially the die hard fans makes them believe that they can make an impact or better yet a change to society. This potential of bands to influence and affect the perceptions of people is a powerful tool that displays music’s power. Bands and artists that showcase their political views creates a controversial stir due to the fact that not all people have the same political views.

Despite all of this, these bands continue to stand on their opinions and still create music to promote their side. There are also those bands and artists who promote politically but does not display their political side. These artists are the ones who advertise people to vote. Due to the greatness of music’s influence especially on the youth of today, artists promote political awareness and help these youth to care for the country and vote. There have been various commercials of bands or artists who display their stand to vote.

Years ago, artists started to create the thought of “vote or die”. This shows their strong stand to help people vote. If there are the musical artists who promote their stand to vote, there are also those who oppose the actions of political leaders. For instance, there are several music artists who display their strong stand against President Bush’s actions especially of the decision to send the country’s troops to Iraq. Years ago, there became a nationwide controversy regarding the Dixie Chicks opposing President Bush.

This has led to different scenarios. This is just one example of music artists expressing their side. Through the years there are the bands like the notable punk artists such as the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, The Clash and Green Day who have been notorious to utilize controversially political lyrics that bash the administrations. There are so many other bands who make use of their lyrics and catchy sounds to stir up messages that bring forth impact.

We already jumped to the present times but the 1960s and 1970s are the decades that have really made expressionistic views through music. From the influential music of the rock bands of that era up to the formulation of the phenomenal rock concert named Woodstock, politics has served as a source of musical “revolution”. Woodstock, is the whole epitome of music serving as a tool towards political views. It is one of the most phenomenal events of history, a compilation of musical artists who serve for a single and peaceful cause.

An expression of peace and a blatant display of care and intent to provide a better resolution to the war during those times, Woodstock became a festival of driven intention to promote peace and somehow express the side of the youth towards the actions of the American government especially pertaining to the Vietnam War then. Jumping back to the present, music’s influence stands on different aspects. In the United States, such prominent music icons serve as the most influential artists that can accumulate a larger prospective view.

There are those artists who serve for patriotic intentions while there are those who serve for what they think is better for the country. It’s hard to count all these artists and specify their political views but the whole point is that the power of music is so great that when people choose to believe in it, their views and principles can be altered by music’s life-changing influences. For music lovers and the die hard fans, most of them copy or imitate their favorite artists or bands, and in turn, some of them find it cool to follow their footsteps or even yet their views.

Such is the power of music that it can affect political views and principles of people. Music can unite people but it can also segregate people. The genres are the ones which takes care of the segregation part but with the evolution of music today, the genres have become side by side with views and perceptions. All of them serve as the segregating factor. But nonetheless, music still has the power to unite and make people believe in something.

Though it is a fact that all people don’t possess the similar views, with regards to politics for that matter, there is a magnanimous challenge for music to unite everyone. The socio-economic class of people vary in a lot of ways and music also takes a part on it. As it is widely known, African Americans mostly take the side of Jazz, Hip-Hop and R&B due to their history while the Whites take country music, pop, rock and punk. Segregation can also be evidently seen in these types of music which appeal to certain groups of people.

All in all, music has served great not only in the United States but also around the world. The contributions of music to the history of the world somehow have created the different impacts on events. Whether be it on the past or today, music’s vast power to capture a single person’s political point of view is quite underrated. To some it may not look like as a big factor, but to some it also means a lot. Some people love music and that love for music helps them to believe in something. Personally, my political views have been strong from the start.

It’s not that music has influenced me or something, but seeing my favorite bands and artists taking a stand on what I believe in makes me feel that I am on the right side. Music helped me to become what I am today. It made me realize that someway, somehow I have something to believe in, something to be a fan of, and that I share this feeling with other people around the world. Music is a part of my life. I could not imagine my world without music. Though I know that not all people agree on my views, I still believe that music helps me to believe in something.

The poetry of the lyrics, the awesome guitar rifts, the fast pace of the drums or even just the enlightening voice of the artist, these factors are the ones that helps me to create peace of mind and believe in something that has power and influence. Although I may not share the political views of all people, my music helps me take a stand and realize my worth and the worth of the country. Music artists have personally influenced me to vote and take a political stand but on what stand that is, it’s all up to me. Such is the power of music, it can alter, influence, and unite people.

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