Political Idealogies Essay

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Political Idealogies

In 1993, Amitai Etzoni formed the Communitarian Network In a Communitarian society, communities and the polities must be responsible to its members and their needs, while the members within the society should dedicate their attention to energy and welfare of other communities. Communitarian says that individual rights should be appreciated and preserved, but should be balanced with the interests of the community In a communitarian society, citizens should be more active in managing their society It believes that people should volunteer a lot.

Treat community like a larger family Freedom of Speech should be preserved People should be responsible of themselves Communitarian philosophy has a great influence on the academia and receives great support from the USA president Bill Clinton It still gets criticism from others Communitarian hopes to reduce the role of private money and capital in life Communism notes Idea to break the social classes, and loose poverty Founded by Karl Marx, in 1848 Society is controlled by one ruling party, the communist party Everyone is equal/nobody is poor.

It lags the agriculture in Russia, and it increased the economy, made a better economy. Mao, Stalin, Kim Jong- Il. Democracy People have rights and freedom to express their opinions During the middle ages, it was widely used In this society, people have lots of rights, and they can express their opinions about the government People get to vote for the government Fascism Put everything together. For example, all of Germany were soliders Nazi was facist Opposed communism.

Main countries- Germany and Italy Created in 1894, called Dreyfus affair. Feminism Started in 19-20th century Women start to protect for better rights Fought for better laws and protection for Women Not in any specific country Started in france, us, and England. Protect women from sexual harassment, abortion. Anarchy Idea of having no government Takes away everything, like police, taxes etc. Not controlled by government. Free market system Originated in Britain. Kind of used in Somalia. Anarchism.

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