Political Culture Essay

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Political Culture

How to face difficulty appealing to voters across gender or racial lines in the 2008 Presidential elections candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

For the first time in the U.S. history, the presidential nominees is an African-American man (Barack Obama) and a woman (Hillary Clinton) has been recognized by political expert as a ground-breaking.   The defining issues of the United States presidential campaign are gender and racial identity.

1) Do gender or race issues pose challenges to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? Why or why not?

Whether they like it or not gender and race issues will pose challenges to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.  Since Obama is an African-American black guy and Clinton is a woman, they can¢t help voters divide according to gender and race as much as they prevent that to happen.

In terms of my personal preference this is a no contest.  But of course they have different tactics to win for the Democratic vote.  For one moment let¢s forget about race and gender that Obama and Clinton lie outside ¡the norms of United States politics.  Every day in business the clash between them is being played out.  Barack as new and Young Pretender.  They are both energetic and full of ideas.  We always know they are destined to do very well but we never know when, or if, they will reach that level.  They are thoroughly likeable but sometimes selfish.  Clinton the executive who has risen over the years by undramatic effort and symbolize experience.  They¢re both ready to compromise because they know no one ever gets all they want, but they are both steady and intelligent.

I think that the emphasis of this election should be on the things that Clinton and Barack represent in terms of National choices rather than on the individuals.

 2) Are American voters capable of voting across gender or racial lines? Why or why not?

No.  The current generation of American voters according to political experts, argue that casting votes for candidates are capable regardless of race or gender.

I think the most important thing in voting is that people simply have to follow the content of their hearts.  What they think and what’s on their mind that is going to be in the best interest of the country.  Even for those who are non-partisan, the important thing is that the issue that comes across most is the need for a change in the United States.

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