Political Contention Essay

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Political Contention

Solita Collas-Monsod is a professor at the University of the Philippines: Diliman and a writer in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Solita Collas-Monsod’s article entitled “The Trillanes Myth” was published or appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and was last updated in September 3, 2007. The author was able to catch the attention of its audience, and she was able to effectively use the title of her article to give a bird’s eye view of what is stored for the readers.

She also starts her column through a statement of her stand regarding the issue being discussed. The author wanted to show or inform the audience and or the readers of the Philippine Daily Inquirer about the Trillanes group which started a coup d’ etat in Oakwood Hotel, or the well known “Oakwood ‘Mutiny”, wherein there were 300 uniformed military officers and men who were guided or led by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.

Her arguments also state that the Court, led by July 25 order of RTC Judge Oscar B. Pimentel, should continue its firm stand with regards to imposing the necessary law or exercise government authority, without validation of the badges of inequality. She assumed that the world, more specifically the sympathizers of the Trillanes group or the military officers, should not be deranged or persuaded by the “idealisms and principles” of the Trillanes group.

She also states that the audience, we, should not be blinded by the myths or lies which the Trillanes group gives us, and that we should stick or be firm with our government rules about coup d’etats. Solita Collas-Monsod values the truth and in seeking proper justice for such violators of the law. She strongly believes that proper justice or punishment in accordance with the government laws should be imposed on the Trillanes group, and we should do this objectively, not subjectively.

Monsod was able to define terms clearly in her article. Solita Collas-Monsod did her assignment or did basic research, thus, she was able to support her arguments with ample and enough facts. The argument for me is successful, and it does convince me. There are facts or sufficient supporting statements used by Monsod in her article and these facts or statements seem really reliable. My beliefs and line of thinking was the same as Monsod with regards to the “Oakwood ‘Mutiny”, more specifically about the Trillanes group.

Monsod’s argument strengthened my former belief about proper government execution of its laws . Politically speaking, this is really an eye-opening article not only to the public but to the government and its officials as well, more specifically to the Judicial Court. There are times when I had small doubts with regards the Judiciary system of the Philippines before, but because of Monsod’s article, and facts that she stated about the actions taken by the Court, led by Judge Pimentel, these doubts are not gone.

I believe that indeed, the political world still has its “impartiality. ” Solita Collas-Monsod’s article affects the political process by simply strengthening the implementation of Judicial law and in informing the public about the Trillanes group. The government and the public, or the audience, are at the advantage, whereas the Trillanes group is definitely in the losing end. Work Cited: Collas-Monsod, Solita. “The Trillanes Myth. ” The Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2007.

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