Political Competence Essay

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Political Competence

In almost any affair that involves multiple stakeholders the idea of partnership and collaboration have essential roles. This is also applicable in building a strong society or country especially since it is composed of numerous people with varying needs that must be addressed. In relation to this the concepts of good corporate citizenship and political competence are vital in giving the necessary services to the people.

Corporate citizenship pertains to “a new contract between business and society, a vision of partnership between different sections of community, which allies profitable companies with healthy communities because what happens to societies happens to business” (Benchmarks, n. d. ). On the other hand, political competence involves skills and attributes that make it possible for the achievement of organizational goals (Wells, n. d. ). Good corporate citizenship and political competence are related because these are interdependent upon each other.

In order for good corporate citizenship to make successful partnerships it needs political competence that will make sure that the plans they made will be properly applied so that their objectives can be realized. Since the past up to the contemporary time, the government plays an important role in the organization, information dissemination, budgeting, and funding of a country’s healthcare system. The government is the primary body that is responsible in passing laws for the planning as well as the implementation of various concerns regarding the healthcare system of the country.

This is greatly observable in countries like the United States of America, states in the European Union as well as in other parts of the world. However, this kind of system is not always as effective as it seem to be. There are still many people who lack the proper healthcare attention, which is always the reason that there are various sicknesses that most citizens suffer from. The main problem why such incompetence takes place is due to the lack of political will coming from the government and also the improper and sometimes illegal contracts that are happening among the public agencies and corporations.

This could be seen in the common practice that is observable in the distribution of the needed medicine for most healthcare centers. Government funded organizations are responsible in commissioning private corporations in buying the needed medicinal paraphernalia. Nevertheless, anomalies often happen in this kind of dealings. Corrupt government officials would allot a huge amount of budget in order to buy medicinal necessities but this money is not consumed for this sole purpose. Some of it tends to fall in the pocket of officials who are only thinking of their vested interests.

They would engage in illegal contracts with private corporations who would also gain benefit in the process (Messerli, 2008). This kind of issue is clearly an ethical dilemma that needs to be address immediately. A good solution for this problem is to create an objective, independent body that would see to it that the budget allotted for the healthcare of the citizens are use for the right purposes. This is one good way in order to do something to prevent this kind of anomaly from happening. The healthcare of citizens is a very important aspect of an individuals’ right, which is why it should be given due attentions and importance.

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