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This political cartoon shows President NoyNoy with the word “political maneuvers” written on his arm pushing two letters, the R and the H with difficulty because of big rocks with the words objection, 2013 polls and moral issues written on each rock. The cartoon also shows how hard it was for Pnoy because of the sweat on his head. Symbols that were used in this political cartoon are 1) the word “political maneuver” on Pnoy’s arm, 2) the letter R and H, and 3) the rocks with the word “objection”, “2013 Polls” and “moral issues” Looking at this political cartoon it only illustrates that Pnoy with his skillful tactics push RH bill passing through many objectives, through his political maneuvers, he will be able to have good performance and even crash political and moral issues thrown against him.

As a teacher, I am a leader and as a leader, I am not fond of manipulating my student, their grades and even what is happening inside the class.

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We all know that Pnoy is a good leader whom played the most in achieving economic growth of our country is also known to be a person who wants to promote RH bill no matter how hard it is for the majority to accept it still he will not let it go. I am not against RH bill, and I am not pro abortion, it’s just I want to teach people lesson on giving birth among children whom they can’t support and will be like others begging on the streets and in the end be one of the government dependents.

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But I am not allowing manipulations or tricks just to fool us around, just to crash moral issues and other objections. I still believe in the moral values our late Pres. Cory imbued to our present president today and will do what is good for our country with due respect and transparency to all Filipino citizens.

A pro-RH candidate shaking upon seeing two big feet with “Catholic Vote” written on it is shown in this political cartoon. This cartoon uses a big foot which represents the majority who opposes the RH bill because they called themselves Catholic, a Christian who lives in a Christian country and should be against violation of life and liberty. This only shows that being a pro-RH bill is a big threat to get big chance of winning in election. The cartoon shows how great is the power of the catholic people who are against the RH bill. A candidate must have a strong political spirit whom he can fight for what he stands for.

Yes, majority of the people in the Philippines are Catholics but we must also realize that there are also Catholics who are pro-RH bill. Catholic Church must not influence voters in not voting pro-RH candidates. Even they have strong influence among the Filipinos; still we must practice a free and democratic way of choosing and electing government officials. Knowing a candidate whether he is a pro or anti-RH bill will never stop him in wanting to serve our country. We must really know who among them are real and who are not. For me, the Catholic Church must not enter with the voting issues anymore, they must listen on how those candidates would love to serve our country whether they are pro or anti-RH bill.

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