Political Campaigning Essay

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Political Campaigning

Presidential candidates are known by the people through many various ways but usually the media contributes a lot of it. The candidates ensure that there campaign messages reach there supporters through the media. The paper will focus on Barack Obama presidential campaign and Senator Frank Lautenberg campaign. It will look at there similarities in campaigning and the differences. It will explain on the messages the candidates are focusing on, the kind of messages being reported in the media and why I think each campaign is successful or not in getting their chosen messages before the public.

Barrack Obama is running for the US presidential seat in the Democratic Party. His campaign has been notable for extensive use of a logo consisting of the letter O, with the center suggesting a sun rising over fields in the colors of the American flag. He began a biography commercial campaign soon after becoming the presumptive nominee. He was emphasizing his patriotism for his country America. The advertisement ran in 18 states, including Republican Alaska and North Carolina. Between June 6th and July 26th, Obama’s campaigns spent $27 million on advertisements.

In September 15th 2008, he held an interview with Good Morning America, stating that, “if we’re going to ask questions about, you know, who has been promulgating negative ads that are completely unrelated to the issues at hand, I think I win that contest pretty handily. ” He also has a presidential campaign song written by Joss Stone in August due to the fact that she appeals across racial boundaries. On 12th June 2008, he launched a website to counter what he describes as smears by his opponents. The site provides responses to criticisms of the candidate.

This is to counter rumors about his birth, including the rumor that he was not a natural born citizen. The campaign posted an image of his birth certificate. “I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington…I’m asking you to believe in yours. ” That is Obama’s message for all Americans in his campaign. It was featured in the television stations, magazines, websites and newspapers. He delivered a major economic policy address to lay out his economic rescue plan for the middle class in Toledo, Ohio on 14th October 2008.

The plan is a comprehensive four-part plan to deal with the immediate crisis that builds on proposals he has previously announced and includes several new ideas. In New Hampshire, Obama delivered his campaign message about anti-tax pledge. He told about 325 supporters and independents that once he becomes president he will ensure that no one making less than $250000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Another campaign message from Obama was to bring Republicans and Democrats together so as they can work as one.

Senator Frank Lautenberg Mr. Lautenberg is a United States senator from the State of New Jersey. He loaned his principal campaign committee, Lautenberg for Senate, $ 1,650,000 towards his June 3rd, 2008 primary election. His campaign focuses mainly on New Jersey as a state. His campaign message to fight violence related to the use of guns has been endorsed by Paul Helmke, Brady’s president. The differences between the campaigns First of all, it is the amount spent on the campaigns by both parties.

Barack Obama, running for presidency, spent more than $27 million on advertisements. For senator Lautenberg, he loaned about $ 1,650,000 to his principal campaign committee. There is a great difference because of the coverage. For the presidential candidate, he has to be sure that the information reaches everyone in America. For the Senator, the coverage is only the state he wants to rule. The campaign messages form the presidential candidate mainly focuses on the problems and the solutions that are going to focus on America as a whole.

For the Senate, his campaign messages mainly target the problems and solutions of that particular state and not as America. Why Each Campaign is successful Each campaign is successful because they both address issues that are really affecting the people at the grassroots levels. For instance, Senator Lautenberg aided by Brady campaign because he has helped in enforcing laws that have led to gun violence reducing. For this reason, people are being urged to vote him back to ensure the violence is stopped completely.

America, according to Obama, is going through a financial crisis. The people are ready to listen to his campaign messages because they need someone to help them through the financial crisis they are going through. Each campaign is also successful because of the coverage. They have both used the media to be known by their supporters. They have their own websites, they appear in television stations for interviews and ensure that there messages are in the newspapers and magazines.

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