Political Essay Topics

Social and political doctrine

Fascist theorists, repeating one of Mussolini’s convictions, maintained that every social and political doctrine revolved around a specific conception of man and society. If this is true, Fascism’s doctrine gravitated around a normic conception of man and society which Fascist theoreticians themselves variously charecterized as “organic”, “solidaristic”, or “communalistic” in order to distinguish it from… View Article

Relation to the Socio-Political

Comparison and Contrast of the General Tones of the Sumerian and Egyptian Hymns, in Relation to the Socio-Political and Geographic History of these Nations It is interesting to note that the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations both sprung up beside rivers: Egypt lies in the delta of the Nile while the Sumerian civilization was on the… View Article

Political science

The 1997 film, “Wag the Dog” presents a satire of American political manipulation and Hollywood propaganda. The film, directed by Barry Levinson, and written by Levinson, Hilary Henkin, and David Mamet, offers a cynical portrait not only of politicians and political operatives, Hollywood, and the electoral process, but it also portrays the American public as… View Article

Political Science Answers

Current world events have hindered the use of Collective Security Principle as various factors such as disease, poverty, natural calamities, terrorism, the use of biological, nuclear, and chemical weapons, and the instability of the world market. (UN, 21-55) 2) No, countries that have no experience in democracy as a form of government will not be… View Article

The Political System of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has enjoyed a relatively strong government in the entire course of its history. A major part of this could be attributed to its unique but very effective political system. There are at least five aspects that had been major contributory factors in its political stability, namely: Transparency and Accountability of Government, Consensus… View Article

Eco-feminism & political and social movement

Eco-feminism can be defined a political and social movement which aims at combining feminism with environmentalism or, in other words, to unite deep ecology with feminist concepts. Actually, I have chosen eco-feminism as it draws relations between women oppression and degradation of nature. Environmental problems are of great concern now along with women equality. Nature… View Article

Political Institutions

The parliament which is officially known as the European Parliament is the only union’s body that directly elected. It is made up of 785 members who are elected for five year terms by universal suffrage and are determined by the political loyalty. By virtue of being the only elected body of the union, parliament reflects… View Article

The historic political

The European politics can be traced back to the historic political, economic and military events in the continent. Since the end of the World War II, fall of iron curtain as well as the collapse of the communists’ states Eastern Block, the integration in this continent is a process of political, economic, legal, cultural and… View Article

The political implication

I chose an article made by Thomas L. Friedman entitled “Generation Q and was published on October 10, 2007 at the New York Times News paper. Thomas Friedman was the author of the famous book, the world is flat and he won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for commentary, his third Pulitzer for The New York… View Article

Political and Socioeconomic

The communication gap between First and Third world feminist, as expressed by Narayan lies within a cultural setting: though Western feminism is still an upholding to the rights of women, Third world feminism speaks towards a culture’s specific issues, as Narayan writes, “I am arguing that Third-World feminism is not a mindless mimicking of ‘Western… View Article

Political socialization and how women define politics and power

There are various types of political socialization, and these have various effects on political participation. The traditional sex role socialization involves the integration of traditional roles performed by men and women into the political scene. This form of socialization has the effect of exclusion of women in political participation and dominance of politics by men…. View Article

Is There A Political Glass Ceiling?

The author makes explicit points to support the argument presented that there is a political glass ceiling for women in politics.  The author makes this conclusion based on statistical data and historical research from geographical political data. The underlying premise behind the glass ceiling for women’s struggle in the political arena rests in cultural stigmas… View Article

Metternich’s Political Confession of Faith

Prince Klemens von Metternich was the leading personality during the Congress of Vienna which sought to restore Europe back to the status quo, undoing the “disorder” caused by Napoleon. Besides being instrumental in “cleaning up Napoleon’s mess,” Metternich was a conservative at heart and saw the “damage” the French Revolution had brought to France and… View Article

Moral, Social and Political Philosophy

Moral, social and political philosophies are fields that share similarities with one another. The most basic and common characteristic found in all three fields is the role and significance of these fields in the manner by which human beings conduct intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, with one’s self, with one another and with the community. Social,… View Article

Sufficient legislative and political response

1. Describe the paths of water through the hydrologic cycle. Explain the processes and the energy gains and losses involved in the changes of water between its 3 states. Operationally, we are often most concerned with what water does when it reaches the solid earth, both on the surface and in the sub-surface. Explain the… View Article