Policy Priority Issue Essay

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Policy Priority Issue

While most things in life come with an instruction manual, children do not. Parenting is a difficult job. While your child is growing, you must know the best, most up to date resources to assist you in providing the best for him/her. Success by 6 is an initiative to make sure that “every child in North Central Florida enters school healthy and prepared to learn by the age of 6” (Chun, 2005). It also assists families to be prepared to have a child in school. The greatest challenges facing our country can only be met by focusing on the development of all our children, beginning at birth.

Early childhood programs are the most cost-effective way to ensure the healthy development of children in poverty and offer the greatest returns to society. In evidence-based home visiting programs, “professionals connect families to medical, dental, mental-health, and other support systems” (Daro, D., 2014). The time period from birth through age six is a critical one for “establishing the solid foundations essential for children’s long-term health, well-being, and learning” (Clothier, S., 2014). Background

The Success by 6 was initiated in North Central Florida in 2005. It was initially expected “to reach 2,500 children with health and developmental screenings, child care provider training, parent education, mentoring, a community center, abuse and neglect prevention, home visitation, program evaluation and family referral programs” (Chun, 2006). This number was reached in its second year and continues to grow annually. As we look to improve and add state policies that lead to good health, learning, and family outcomes, like Success by 6, it is imperative to ensure that policies capitalize on both health and learning.

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