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Policy Issues and Education

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1125 words)
Categories: Education,Federalism,School
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Deciding on a policy issue that interest me was challenging. Brainstorming on the impact of what has the most substantial effect on me was what served purpose in my decision to examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of education. How could I overlook the effect that higher education policy issues and modification affects me directly? Based on experience, higher education should be free and universal. The objective of this assignment is to evaluate the conversation of higher education cost and how it fits in the arena of policy issues.

Secondly, we will review how student loan forgiveness or reduction would work best orchestrated through distributive public policy. In addition, the perspective of policy modification and how it aligns with education cost will addressed. Finally, we will review how the Department of Education is viewed as a government functioning business.

In the United Stated, it is believed that the government’s role is to provide the public good by offering services that may not be manifested privately or individually.

Some public policy issues are traditionally understood to be more essential than others. What we witness today is public policy evolving into the academic realm. Universal public higher education identifies that college should be affordable for all. Lower cost for students is start. I am confident that less concern with cost for education would enhance a student’s focus on learning and not at the cost of bettering yourself.

What we have witnessed within the division amongst state and federal government is that failure to agree on budgets can create gridlock which could potentially lead to federal government shutdowns. Disruption is federal laws being passed is reported to affect state economies and has been known to disrupt higher education financing relationship between federal and state government. Imagine how disruption due to policy issues could interrupt a single parent’s ability to receive assistance for education for themselves or their soon to be high school graduate? Higher education is perceived to offer more opportunities for students to explore their gifts. In my opinion, our society is transformed when individuals are empowered to better themselves without limitation of funding for education.

In 2019, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities announced that the federal government was operating under budget on domestic issues including funding for education. The federal government is perceived as having a substantial amount of influence on state policymaking. The issue of higher education policymaking was alleged to affect the federal budget, federal regulations, court rulings and legislative policy priorities. It would be of good will to see universal education on the agenda for Policy Issues for the new election term of 2020. During Week two of Modern Public Administration, we discussed the four types of public policies. The four main types of public policy are distributive, redistributive, regulative and constituent. Distributive policies are often created in response to a specific issue and affect only a select group of people. On the other hand, redistributive policies affect the majority. Currently, higher education is supported through distributive policy. Distributive policies are designed to use tax revenues to provide benefits to groups through grants or subsidies. I would recommend the same policy for universal education as well.

I believe that a Distributive Policy is the reason we have a Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. The program was created in 2007. The PSLF is structured to forgive borrowers from remaining federal student loan balances. The eligibility requirements include a minimum of a ten-year work commitment to a public service organization. In addition, a participant must make one hundred and twenty on-time monthly loan payments for the full amount due. In 2018, it was reported that congress took seven hundred million dollars to temporarily expand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Programs such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness keeps me optimistic about how public policy could potentially impact my life. Policy modification exists when current policies require reevaluation. Before modifying existing policies, the government reviews existing policies to identify strengths and areas for improvement of a specific policy. Policy analysis can vary in execution through qualitative and quantitative research methods. These methods are used to analyze and compare existing policies and possible modifications.

Two policy modification that may positively impact universal education would be more programs that offer free education for need based positions. These programs should be accessible to the many that need the assistance financially. Secondly, programs should work under the pretext quality standards that benefit and protect those who are affected by the services provided. For example, The New York University Medical School, a top ten ranked program, recently announced free tuition to all students, regardless of financial need. Potential modification for higher education cost could serve purpose to empowering millennials to become more involved in politics, healthcare, and need based services.

The purpose of policy evaluation is to determine if programs, such as universal education, could produce the results predicted. Feasibility and cost- effectiveness are beneficial for the students of today. Then the question becomes, how will universal education impact the future of education sustainability? Policy formulation on how funding is utilized for higher education would need to be restructured. The consideration of budgets for educators would need to be addressed as well. The fact that other countries manage to offer free education to all shows that there is potential for the United States to meet this wished position.

How could education in the United States of America ever be free if it is governed by the government? The Department of Education’s mission statement says that their mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. In my opinion, universal education aligns with the mission of the department. When it comes to matters of policy, Americans are prone to look to the federal government to lead the way. The 10th Amendment to the Constitution was created as the basis for making education a function of the states. Standards and quality of education vary widely by state, city, and district. This is called picket-fence federalism. Picket-fence federalism form of creative federalism that involves all levels of government including local and national. Through this model of intergovernmental relations, each level of government in this system works together on things such as higher education and its cost.

The Office of Postsecondary Education formulates federal postsecondary education policy. The OPE frames policy relating to the federal student financial assistance programs. They also collect and distributes student financial assistance program data as well as data in several key areas relating to postsecondary education. The bottom line is that the federal government has the ability to control access to federal student loans and the ability to support the concept of universal higher education.

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