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Policing Paper

There are many different forms of technology used in policing in today society. This technology is very important when it comes to policing and being able to do their jobs proficiently. Some of the technology they use is database and information technology, computer-aid dispatch, records management systems, and mobile computing. All of these forms of technology play a vital role in policing. Without these forms of technology being available to police there could be a higher crime rate, a higher wait time between calls, more deaths or injuries, and so much more. The technology that is available is set in place to keep things running smoothly and ensure that calls get answered in a timely manner. With the technology that we are gaining in the policing field I believe that we have advanced so much and will continue to do so.

Database technology is a database that has a large amount of information in it. This information includes names, dates, crimes that people have committed, violations, high crime rate areas, and so much more. This information is gathered from many different areas and stored in a database. They have all of this information in one place to make it easier to research people or areas of interest. This information is gathered from the department’s criminal history records system, the gang unit’s intelligence system, and the state’s department of motor vehicles. The computer-aid dispatch is a method that manages calls for service from the public. The computer-aid dispatch uses the computer to communicate with officers. They are able to receive information on a call and have it on the computer in front of them so they do not get confused or forget any information. The computer-aid dispatch sends the officer the information and location that is in need of services.

It also prioritizes the needs of services so that the officer gets to the most important cases first. Another great thing about the computer-aid dispatch is that the officer needs to update their status on the computer after they are done at a call. If their status is not updated after a certain amount of time then the computer-aid dispatch automatically sends another officer out to check on the safety of the initial officer. This computer-aid dispatch is a great tool for policing agents to use. The records management system is used to input and organize information from different types of reports into one easy-to-use format. This program helps officers with the process of paperwork, but all the information is on the computer. It ensures that the officer does not forget to gather information because it has prompts for the officer to ensure they get all of the necessary information for the reports. The records management system allows officers to access all information such as crime reports, field interview contacts, traffic citations, booking reports, criminal history reports, and investigation reports.

All of this information is in one place so that the officer can find the information easier to make their job easier and more efficient. Mobile computing is the main source that officers input and receive their information for calls and to look up information. This is probably the most vital piece of technology. The officer uses their mobile computer to look up information and input information. It makes their jobs easier and the amount of information that is available to them is very helpful when out on calls. The mobile computers that the officers use have access to the computer-aid dispatch and the records management systems at any time or any place. This is a vital tool when policing and doing their job efficiently. There are many types of weapons used in policing.

They are not all lethal weapons; some of them are less-than lethal. These weapons are used in today’s society to prevent the use of lethal weapons. The police will try to resolve the crime with these less-than lethal weapons before having to use lethal force, unless the situation calls for lethal force. These weapons include low-velocity rounds which are rubber bullets, wax bullets, or beanbags. These forms of low-velocity rounds are made to stun the criminal. It is not made to hurt them although sometimes this form of weapon does cause bruising or possibly a broken bone depending on the severity of impact. Another form of less-than lethal weapons is sedative darts. Sedative darts are weapons that use a winged hypodermic needle to deliver a potent dose of fast-acting sedatives into a suspect’s bloodstream.

The effectiveness depends on the height and weight of the suspect. There is also a chemical weapon. These are things such as pepper spray, tear gas, and other exotic compounds. This form is less often used unless necessary because of the outcomes. This form can’t be contained once used. It also can leak to innocent bystanders. The last weapon is electroshock weapons. This is basically a Taser. A Taser is a weapon that sends 50,000 volts that run through small wires that are attached to needles that can penetrate a suspect up to 25 feet away. The voltage causes involuntary muscle spasms. The Taser has an overall good safety record but has also caused some serious injuries including death.

These less-than lethal weapons are used more and more in today’s society. The police are trying to not have to be so lethal in their actions. There are other ways to contain a suspect rather than use lethal force. Officers are now trying these weapons first and if they do not work or the situation calls for more of a lethal weapon choice then they will resort to that. It is good that they have different options depending on the situation. There are many dangers that come with policing.

It is not the safest job out there by far. Some of these dangers include but are not limited to accidents while patrolling, murders, homicides, domestic situations, or robberies. Police deal with criminals on a daily basis. It is hard to tell what these criminals and suspects are going to do. This makes the job very dangerous. The only way that police organizations can address the dangers is to ensure that they are properly trained and follow protocol when doing their jobs. There is extensive training associated with policing. Their safety from the dangers is one reason that the training is so extensive.

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