Policing in Kelsey Essay

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Policing in Kelsey

In this paper, I will discuss the budget cuts on the City of Kelsey. The mayor has assigned me as a budget director to review and perform budget cuts on the City’s Police Department, due to a 15% budget cut on the City deficit. The state legislature wants to hire less Police Officers and build more prisons.

The Police Department currently has an annual budget of $16,177,678. With the 15% budget cut, the mayor is requesting from the Police Department, that leaves a new annual budget of $14,236,356, a decrease of $1,941,322. The major change that will affect the fiscal cycle of this budget year is the decrease in the hiring of Police Officers. The City of Kelsey was in the process of hiring 10 new Police Officers to fill the 10 position that were vacant, due to six retiring Police Officers and four Police Officers finding other employment. Now with the 15% budget cut, the City will not be filling these opened positions, thus saving the City $1,200,000. New vehicle and maintenance cost will also decrease, due to not hiring the new officers. Last fiscal year the City Manager allotted $150,000 for 5 new vehicles and maintenance cost for the hiring of the new Police Officers.

As a budget director, I went to the Police Union and request a 10% cut in wages or freeze the wages until the next fiscal year, thus saving $300,000. Also cutting 16 paid holidays a year will save the City $400,000. The Police Union Committee advised the Union has only agreed to a 1% pay cut within the next fiscal year, which will save the City $30,000. The Committee has also agreed to 10 paid holidays a year instead of 16. This will save the City an annual $150,000 a year. The Chief of Police has agreed to cut the training budget by 80%. The City will save an annual budget of $125,000. With these cuts alone, the City will save $1,655,000 alone. Another proposal will cut community programs and events within the next fiscal year. The annual “Shop with a Cop” or “Trunk or Treat” is in the annual budget for $10,000. Domestic violence programs can also be cut saving the City an annual budget of $50,000 a year. Finally, the City will cut all overtime pay for the reminding of the fiscal year, saving the City an estimate of $500.000. With all the above-mentioned budget cuts, the City will project to see a 10% increase in crime. First, not filling the 10 Police Officers position will decrease the number of Police Officer per shifts, thus running the shift at staff minimal. Running the shift at staff minimal will decrease response time to service calls.

The Mayor and City Council requested a 5 to 7 minute response time to every service call last fiscal year. With the decrease in personal, a new projective response time will be 10 to 12 minutes. The city has a collective bargaining contract with the Police Union. The Police Union has agreed to a 1% pay cut. Per the collective bargain contract, the City will repay the 1% back at the beginning of the next fiscal year, plus the cost of living increase (7%). I, as the Budget Director will have to go back to the Police Union next fiscal year and asked for an additional pay cuts. Per the collective bargaining contract, the Police Union does not have to cut pay or other benefits that the city provides. If the Police Union does not cut pay next fiscal year, the city will be forced to cut more position instead. Which means fewer Officers per shift, and longer response times to calls.

Cutting the domestic violence program that helped victims and offenders will increase the number of incident of domestic violence more than 30% over the next six months. The program-helped victims relocate to a safer environment. The program also helped offenders with counseling. With the shifts at staff minimal, a plan of assigning Officers to areas will have to be established. The City is broken up into three sectors. Sector 1 is the business community and normally requires 40 Officers per shift. Sector 2 is residually areas that normally require 40 officers per shift. Lastly, sector 3 is rural area of the city, and this area requires 10 officers per shift.

With the decrease in staff and overtime, area command staffs will assets the needs of each area and assign officers as needed. A federal grant was proposed for an additional $300,000 per year for the next three years is now in the works. The federal grant is for community police programs. The final approval for the grant will take up to 90 days. Inclusion, the 15% budget cut in this year’s fiscal year was successful. Hopeful the economy gets better and next fiscal year is a huge success. The City of Kelsey will continue to grow and be a safe community to live.

Kelsey Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 2005-06 (2012, Jan). Retrieved from https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/ aapd/cist/vop/ Government/KelseyCity/citygovernment.asp

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