Policies and procedures to promote positive behaviour Essay

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Policies and procedures to promote positive behaviour

Prepare and deliver a presentation for the induction of new support workers on promoting positive behaviour in the school. Policies and procedures to promote positive behaviour TGA’s behaviour policies include: Golden Rules which are on the website and on display in all classrooms, the Behaviour and anti bullying policies. We also have certain procedures to support and encourage positive behaviour, these are: Golden Time – ½ hour Friday afternoon Praise from adults (smiley faces, stickers etc.) Positive contact with parents (a postcard or phone call home) “Vivo” tokens, trophy and/or cash prize Individual treat (given time on favourite activity, etc.) Group treat (to be given use of special resource, to line up first etc.)  Class treat (few minutes extra play, time on chosen activity, class celebration) Additional class reward schemes are at the discretion of the class teacher

We have a clear procedure for dealing with issues which staff follow. There are several steps beginning with a verbal warning and escalating steps by step. At each stage the child is reminded that their behaviour is a choice and given the opportunity to change it. By using these methods the children know the expectations, boundaries and sanctions. They are rewarded for positive behaviour. The children have a say in setting the rules. They are expected to listen to others to learn about the impact of their behaviour. Children know the expected results of their choice of behaviour, i.e. good choices equal rewards and poor choices equal sanctions. Children will naturally try to push boundaries, in order to feel safe and secure, they need to know what the limits are. Consistency is key, so that the children are not confused, they know the boundaries and respect them as they know they will be enforced. Consistency will also stop situations where the children insist ‘Well Mrs X lets us do it’.

Promoting positive behaviour – not only is it much nicer to deal with positive behaviour, but studies have shown that it is effective and the good behaviour will be repeated. Rewarding negative behaviour with attention is counterproductive and does not add to a child’s emotional well-being. It’s the school’s job not only to educate in the classroom but to take a holistic approach to and turn out well round, productive members of society. If we want to be treated with respect, we must show respect to others and set a positive example. Managing inappropriate behaviour – knowing when to seek assistance and from whom is very important. If you feel that you can’t manage a situation, get assistance. This could be if a child is ignoring repeated, calm instruction or behaving unpredictably.

If there is a danger, to children, self or staff, get help, eg if a child is becoming violent or threatening violence or if a child is trying to do something that may result in harm (leave school grounds, using equipment in a dangerous manner). Obviously not all behaviour that requires intervention will be that dramatic, sometimes it may be necessary to involve the class teacher or senior leadership for other matters, such as the destruction of property (defacing equipment, tearing books, etc), especially if it’s a recurring problem and any kind of violence, racism or homophobia. If a certain type of behaviour is persistent, refer it to the SENCO or the class teacher – minor but persistent rudeness, inability to pay attention, trouble getting on with classmates, etc. All inappropriate behaviour must be recorded on SIMS so that it can be monitored and interventions can be put in place if necessary.

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