Policies Essay Topics

Undermining Its Own Bold Policies

After the terrorist attack to the World Trade Center in New York last September 11, 2001, the whole world was shaken especially the American people. It was an attack that devastated the heart of America. It was an attack that no American expected. Such attack made the world freeze in agony. It was so devastating… View Article

Urban Economics Policy: Efficiency Of The Cta Policies

A branch of Microeconomics, Urban Economics focuses on the location of firms and even households that other economics branches sometimes neglect. It is about the spatial relationships between organizations and the individuals to further recognize the economic motivations that have something to do with the development, performance, and progress of cities. Technological advancement, modes of… View Article

Policies Related to Environmental Concerns

While, indeed, there are several legal statutes that are heralded by both the international, national, and local levels of the public communities, especially the government, there remains much contention with regard to the true cost of ratifying it and adhering to its implementation. This is a dilemma that occurs to be of special truth to… View Article

Ethical Policies

The first one I have chosen is technically referred to as “Bribery or 18 USC § 201-Type Violations” is a law implemented to any individual who puts forward, pledges, or gives anything to a “public official” to pressure, manipulate, or persuade any “official act” (Department of Defense, 2006, n. p. ). It is a law… View Article

Barack Obama’s Policies on Globalisation

Barack Obama born to a Kenyan Father and an American mother in the city of Hawaii, The Democratic Party presidential candidates has actually come up with Globalisation policies can actually be described in short has the best, and one of its kind. The Illinois senator globalisation policies actually seek to sort out some mess that… View Article

America’s current policies

Often, present generations, completely apathetic about their own sins, casts judgment upon the people who came before. This is not to say that, contrary to the prevailing wisdom currently choking our country, there are not absolute truths that were present during the inception of this country as well as in our present day. It is… View Article

United States

United States has been for long time been blamed for lack of concrete policies fostering social development towards South Americans. This can be traced form sour relationship from cold war times. Latin America entertained Soviet Union to an extent of adopting its communism ideology which was competing with capitalism ideology hence bitter relationship. This was… View Article

‘Strategic Hrm and Performance

The people in an organization are considered to be one of the most valuable resources of today’s firms. Other resources such as brands, products, processes, technological advancement, economies of scale can still provide a competitive advantage but an organisation’s human capital are more vital for its sustainability. The idea that an organisation’s Human Resource can… View Article