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Police service

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (713 words)
Categories: Crime, Law, Police, Service, Society, State
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What do you think the key role of the police service is and what skills do you bring to the service to execute that role?

The key role of the police is to prevent criminal activity to occur in society. This is demonstrated through the use of detecting criminal behaviour, investigating crime and stopping individuals or groups that create a threat to others. Police enforce the law to provide safety and a sense of security. The key role of the police service is to maintain social order through the guidelines of legislations and government policies to enable a safe environment for society to live in.

I think Police service requires officers to engage in other communities, treating them equally as any other. This is because it is essential for officers to develop a diverse sense of understanding for one’s culture and religion. Police are given powers to use discretion whilst performing their duties, this is a very important tool that allows officers to make decisions based on their own choice or knowledge and knowing another’s religion can help to use the tool of discretion effectively.

An example can be seen through the religion Sikh, where some of the Sikh religious man may wear a small sword on them. This sword is not used for harm but it is just a religious belief for Sikhs. If police do not have any knowledge of the religion, then it is difficult for them to use discretion in a positive manner. One major skill that I would bring to the service is to develop a good understanding of other cultures to assist those who are struggling in the community.

Australia is a very multicultural society the different in backgrounds in the police force allows for better communication with society because they know you have a better understanding of who they are which allows you to help them beyond just being a police officer. A key role of the police is to protect society by the use of police powers under the law enforcement powers and responsibilities act 2002 such as arrest. This police power allows the officer to arrest a person either based on suspicion or if one commits an offence.

This is done through police investigation whereby police may patrol the streets via walking, driving, or riding a bicycle. Police investigate crimes such as break and enter, property theft, domestic violence, and malicious damage. By investigating and solving criminal offences in the community, the police are giving protection to others and maintaining social order. The skill that would be used effectively to execute this role is to talk to the offender about the situation and using good negotiation skills, treating him with respect or use reasonable amount of force if necessary depending on the situation. Good negotiation skills may be extremely effective when resolving disputes between neighbours or family members.

This skill is important in carrying out policing duties because if society is treated with respect, you will also be treated with respect. If officers do not have the power to arrest, it would be difficult for police to keep society safe from criminals and offenders as they may re-offend. A key role of the police is to be honest, respectful and a trustworthy person. This is important because you may need to work with officers you have never met before. For them to trust you it may be important to share information. At all times truth must be told, as police matters may result in court hearings, and it is only the truth that can distinguish between whether a person is innocent or guilty.

In response to this I would behave with discipline and respect those who work around me, if someone is wrong show them the right path to follow. This is important because you are not only looked upon by your colleagues but also others as you may be a role model for others in society. An important key role for the police service is to enforce the law by following and keeping upto date with legislations. Legislations are used to assist those in society. Legislations allow us to understand the law and for the police service to fulfil the required duty as a police officer through following the procedures of acts and amendments.

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