Police Officer Job Description

Police officers in cooperation with the general public are in front line to fight and prevent criminal activities. The officers respond to the needs of the people in the community. With the use of technology, the officers should be able to gather enough information that can help in the prosecution of offenders. The police officer is required to carry out some specific duties as directed by the shift sergeant, as a way of maintaining and enforcing laws. The officer has to investigate complaints, ensure order is maintained, help people, and identify criminals.

Identifying problems associated with enforcing law, conflict resolution, and assisting the public whenever need be are also part of the officer’s duties. You will also be called to carry out some activities that require physique such as containing violent people or animals, and be able to run fast when responding to distress calls. The supervision for the officers is carried out in a general form (Higher Education Careers Professionals, 2008).

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Essential duties As an officer, there are essential duties you have to perform, but there are other duties that you might be required to carry out as well.

The main duties include detecting and apprehending those who act against the laws. The officer will be required to take necessary steps incase of physical hazards and law breaking activities by criminals. You are also required to take necessary actions whenever there are distress and emergence calls (LS/TB/JO, 2006). While on shift, you will be required to carry out investigations on issues that might occur during the period, and come up with the best action to take.

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As an officer, you have to reassure the community of their safety by ensuring frequent presence.

In all these, you will be required to write a report indicating all activities that took place while on shift. Finally, you have to complete a departmental report that will have to be forwarded to the relevant authorities (Higher Education Careers Professionals, 2008). Minor duties may include; carrying out a review on reports about the incidences occurring while on duty, giving testimony about such incidences, and finally, you will be required to carry out any duty assigned by the supervisor. Education, Ability and Skills

Applicants must be at least high school graduates, but priority will be given to college graduates. The applicants should not be less than 21 years of age. The applicants should exhibit the ability to identify problems and come up with sound solutions from analyzing all the available alternatives. In case of unexpected situations, you should show the ability to respond very quickly and swiftly. There are different working conditions which you must have the ability to work in all of them. In case of emergency, you must have the ability to work with the patrol car, and must be able to get in and out of it easily.

There is a physical and agility test that all the applicants must be able to pass during their graduation. With the increased technological use, you need to have knowledge of computer usage and cameras. Applicants must be able to communicate fluently both verbally and written means, to the departmental members and the entire public (LS/TB/JO, 2006). In general, the duties of the police expose the officers to the challenging tasks and diverse activities. After serving as a police officer for sometime, one is entitled to rise to the other specialized areas like the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

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Police Officer Job Description

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