Police Officer Essay

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Police Officer

It is always quite frustrating whenever things don’t go as you had planned it. You plan things thoroughly expecting those things to happen exactly how you want them to be, but still certain unexpected occurrences keep coming up ruining everything you had planned. It might be a little bit more comforting if you know that it was your own fault that caused your plans to not go as you had wanted it. However, when it is something you totally did not expect; something completely out of your control; something which was not your fault at all; that is the annoying part.

What is more irritating is that you end up having no choice but to live with what has already happened and ending up fixing the damages or compromising yourself to the damages that that unexpected occurrence has done to your plans. In my case for example, I’ve always wanted to be a police. Ever since high school, I’ve dreamt of getting into the police academy. My family may have influenced this dream of mine as I was growing up. Most of my family members worked in the police department. It was my father and my eldest brother who were the first to be a part of the police.

Currently, there are four people in the family who are working in the police. My brother before me, the one who I m closest to, is currently training at the police academy. My initial plan was to get into the academy as soon as I finish my schooling from back home. Things changed when I got into an accident last summer and injured my plane. With this injury, I could no longer get into the academy; I was deeply disappointed. My plans for my future had been ruined; however, hope was not completely lost for me. My eldest brother found a way of getting into the police department by studying finance and accounting.

The academy doesn’t only need physically strong people; they also need people with brains who specialize in certain fields. My plans have now changed; I am now studying for a degree in business. I will finish that and then find a way of getting into the police academy with the help of that degree. Things do not always go the way we want it to be. Expect to always have unexpected things coming up. The best thing we could do when something unexpected comes up is to not give up even if tit ruins out original plan. Think of other ways, other alternatives, of coping up with that unexpected change so as to get back on track with our original plan.

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