Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality

Police Brutality, is defined as the intentional use of excessive force which is most time physical but can be verbal to get something done. This can be as a result of the order given by a superior officer or by the officer’s idea. Sometimes some people might need iron hands before they take to instructions or comply with the rule and regulations guiding a particular institution, but when it become unnecessary and unjustified to use force on people to achieve the desired goal, then the police have to be checked.

When talking about police brutality we often think that racism or color is involved, but we don’t tend to think that women could as well be a target of police brutality. While in custody of a police officer one might think everything is safe. In many instances that would be the assumption, but what people think may not be in every case. Police have dealt brutally and inhumanely with many women in our society for instance in Stark County, an Ohio woman who was being assaulted by her cousin called the stark police for help, but instead of saving her from her cousin, she was cuffed and sent to the Stark prescient (Meyer, Tom).

The woman was then thrown to the floor by deputies and strip searched by the men deputies while still in cuff. The victim was stripped completely naked and left for six hours until she was able to put something on. She was not allowed to defend her case and the worst part of it is that these police officers did not deem it fit to interrogate her cousin on the issue. When the Stark county officers were contacted, they denied the allegation saying that the woman denied to voluntarily remove her clothes.

But does this allegation leveled against her worth her being stripped naked? In any case the code of conduct rule for Stark County is that if a woman is being strip searched the person doing the search must be of the same sex (Vanella, Susan). Police brutality if not check will continue to escalate and deteriorate. Imaging a police officer beating a woman to death because she does not cooperate or may be she fails to corroborate the officer’s findings.

For example, there was an incidence that occurred in Shreveport in which a woman was brutally beaten while in the custody of a police officer (CBS news). The woman was taken to an interrogating room for a sobriety test, but because the woman declined the offence, the police officer cuts the camcorder off, and then minutes later the woman was found lying in a pool of her own blood. The police had been beating her to death.

Though the police officer was fired, it does not have much effect on the police officers generally because firing the officer does not carry same weight as charging the officer to court and sentencing him to either life in prison or death by any means In a study by the feminist majority foundation, LAPD male officers are known to be more involved in unnecessary force than female officers. ‘’ Hiring equal numbers of women in the LAPD would go further toward reducing police brutality and misconduct than anything else the Department could do,” said Spillar (Feminist Daily News).

Now that we know that police brutality to women is one of the rising problems to our society causing many women to be left with life-long injuries, we have to do something before it goes out of hands. These menace can be reduced if not totally stopped, this can be achieved by making the citizens of a community to come together to discuss topics and help educate those who don’t know anything about police brutality.

Being open minded to awareness and just being able to speak out loud in one voice can make Police officers, especially those that are men need to have some kind of surveillance playing when dealing with women in their custody or have another police officer of the opposite sex with them. Also, police officers that are caught treating women badly should be reported and brought to book, this will be a lesson to the other officers who are about to do such things.

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